Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 124

On Politics
Here are a few interesting tidbits regarding the Republican Primary:

  • The nominee needs over 1100 delegates
  • The three events to date have distributed about 75 delegates
  • Newt Gingrich is not on the ballot in states with about 550 delegates

I did not watch the State of the Union because I already know Congress makes asses of themselves, thus have low tolerance for reinforcement of what I already know.

The Constitution requires the President to report to Congress annually, but it does not require the opposing party to have a response.

To Governor Daniels and Republicans: If President Obama is dividing America, what have Republicans done to NOT divide America?

On Headlines from The Onion
Coroner Levels Examination Table with Piece of Ear
North Korea Returns to Normalcy with Synchronized Disco Jumping-Rope Gala
Arizona Iced Tea Reveals Four-Foot Cans
Nation’s Sound Engineers Gather to Talk about Their Ponytails
Michelle Obama Turns on Light in Middle of Night to Discover Bedroom Full of Silent Obese Children Starring at Her

Special Edition: State of the Union Headlines from The Onion
Twitter Crashes from Sheer Volume of Clear, Insightful Comments on SOTU
Frocked Podium Boys Shine in Pre-SOTU
Obama begins SOTU by Asking Congress to Imagine Newt Gingrich Standing Before Them

Special Edition: Presidential Primary Headlines from The Onion
Romney Cements Status as Candidate who can somehow Lose to Newt Gingrich
Exit Polls Reveal Majority of South Carolina Voters had Emotional Breakdown in Voting Booth
Ron Paul Supporters like the Way Paul Tells it like it has No Chance of Being
Romneymania Sweeps America

Interesting Reads
Picture Essay of the 1937 Flood
Meaningless Iowa
Six Interesting Images of the Unseen
A Good Little League Story

On Potpourri
I surprise to hear that the concussion rate for females is higher than in males.

The work project is a good example of insanity. Meanwhile, I miss being here. Maybe I can at least increase some posts.

I was saddened to hear the recent news of the passing of on the Sweathogs from Welcome Back Kotter – Robert Hedges who played Juan Epstein.

19 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 124

    • Larry,
      I have wondered that myself, however; I think that would require a continuation of taking turns to be winners – thus going to the convention without a clear winner. Oh well, time will tell. Thanks for sharing the interesting thought.


  1. Hi,
    I laughed when I read:
    “Nation’s Sound Engineers Gather to Talk about Their Ponytails”
    and thought what on earth is that all about? You have to admit it does sound strange. 🙂

    Yes I heard about the passing of R.H. and he was only 60 years old, in the papers it said that he died of a heart attack, it was sad news indeed. I used to watch Welcome Back Kotter every week when it was on, you always got a good laugh out of the show.


  2. santorum showed his brains in the debate tonight, but i still wouldn’t vote for him. all that mega-christian stuff would worry me. romney has to make up his mind. he said he’s the best guy to beat obama because we don’t need a washington insider and mitt’s been in the private sector. mitt also said we need a real politician, and that’s what he is because he was a governor for 4 or 5 years. make up your mind, mitt. you’re a private sector guy, you’re not an insider, and you’re a politican. i suppose you can cure the common cold too?


  3. Like Mags, I laughed out loud at “Nation’s Sound Engineers Gather to Talk about Their Ponytails” but I think I know what it means (couldn’t find it in The Onion) Lots of aging musicians/sound engineers hang on to their long hair, even when it thins on top, and wear it in ponytails. Just got back from a music trade show with abundant male ponytales and/or long gray hippie hair. My personal fav Onion headline is “Biden Pins Up Guitar Lessons Flyers on White House Bulletin Board – Let Uncle Joe Teach You How To Shred”


  4. Okay, I know that show came out a little before I was born but I absolutely loved watching the re-runs. I had a smile just viewing this video :). Yup frank, you always have something amazing on this blog all the time 🙂


  5. Romney, in my humble opinion, is a soft candidate. Like the John Kerry of the Republican party or something. Good enough to beat the field, but not good enough to win the General Election. I dunno. I like your blog though. You talk straight. 🙂


    • Fakel,
      Welcome first-time commenter and thanks for the kind words. I try to be straight, but without the sharp partisan edge. Sure each of us have an opinion, but it is also how we present it and how we respond to those whom we disagree.

      In terms of Romney, I still believe he’s the most likely nominee, but your John Kerry analogy is interesting. Thanks for stopping by and hope you return.


  6. I have completely stopped following the Republican Primary. I am tired of stupid, old, grumpy men. Why should I let them ruin my day – more than they do anyway without having to listen to them. And of course they have never divided the country…


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