On a Classy Start

Sure hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours was low key. We did our ballroom dance thing Friday night, but otherwise stayed home most of the weekend.

I imagine a busy work week ahead; however, I’m hoping to post more this week – but I probably won’t be able to keep up with replying to comments (which bothers me).

Here’s a classical start to your week. Enjoy this vintage clip from two stars in their field. Have a good week!

12 thoughts on “On a Classy Start

  1. gosh wish i had your weekend. My dad thru a blood clot in his leg on Saturday. Rushed to ER clot traveled to both lungs. He is stable and undergoing much treatment. Not sure when he will get out of the cardiac wing and come home. He needs to also finish up his last 3 days of radiation (out of 18 rounds) So if I am scarce on blogging you understand.


  2. Hi,
    A low key weekend is good, that means you actually had time to relax a bit.
    Very nice piece of music for the day.
    Have a great week, and try not to work too hard. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the Monday morning classical guitar duet by two of the instrument’s most famous performers. I especially liked their ending coda. Also wondering what ballroom dances/dance steps are your and Karen’s favorites?


  4. I so love that you guys ballroom dance. I would so love to try it one day. Last weekend, I just enjoyed the rest of my birthday and really had a ball. LOVE the vintage clip.. I really enjoyed this today 🙂


    • Kay,
      Ballroom is a lot of fun … but it takes time and has frustration points. In terms of those two classical guitarist, they are on the top floor of skill! Glad you enjoyed it and had a great birthday. Thanks for commenting.


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