On Satirical News Bits: Vol. 6

Here’s some midweek satire to lead you toward the weekend. Thank you Onion! Any favorites?

Photographer Has Basketball Player Hold Arms Outstretched with a Ball in Each Hand

Josh Hartnett Returns to Pearl Harbor for First Time since Film

New Robot Warns when someone’s about to Walk in on You Masturbating

Ways to Teach Uninformed People

Family Passes around Phone so Each could have Identical Conversations with Aunt Sally

Shitty Graffiti Artist Captures 19-Year-Old Girl’s Heart

Cute 8-Year-Old Starting To Realize How Much Better She Is Than Ugly Girls

Area Man Carefully Weighs One Side of Argument

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

Guy Who Holds Yardsticks Picks Up Some Side Work Measuring Carpet

Anthropologist Traces Human Origins Back to One Large Goat

Biden Pins Up Guitar Lesson Flyer on White House Bulletin Board (The pic of this makes it worth seeing)

17 thoughts on “On Satirical News Bits: Vol. 6

  1. Gotta love the Onion! Being the twisted individual that I am, I just had to go search out the story behind item 4. Hilarious – might just have to post that video! I’ll link back to you if I do 😀


  2. The Onion is great–and thanks for posting these. I am torn between the Aunt Sally phone call and carefully weighing one side of an argument. The last one is especially intriguing because so many people seem to not even do that much, just watch the news and accept whatever is presented.


  3. HI,
    I couldn’t stop laughing after I read number 4, that just blew me away. 😆
    I noticed in the link to the photo, that a lot of the telephone numbers underneath was gone, it seems others were also impressed by the picture. 🙂


  4. Whenever I hear of young girls realizing how beautiful they are, I feel wonderful. Young girls really need to know their self worth and how beautiful they will always remain. Loved that frank 🙂


    • Spinny,
      When I first saw that headline an pic last week I lost it … and thought, “Spinny will love this one.” The paper with tear-off numbers cracked me up. Thanks for stopping by.


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