On a Musical Tree(t)

Whew … we’re coming off an active weekend. Friday night was our ballroom night, Saturday night our dinner group got together for German night, and then Sunday evening a Super Bowl Party in the neighborhood. Congratulations Giants fans for your team winning!

Oh – my fav commercial? Tostitos with the dog and missing cat.

At our German night, we had the salad course and were required to use German beer – so we served a regular green salad served with a tasty beer and balsamic dressing, plus a delicious cheese soup than also had beer as an ingredient.

Another week is in front of us, so it’s start the week with human creativity – something that only the human mind seems to stretch to cross into hard to imagine areas. Thank you Lynn for discovering this video of using a tree to make music. Enjoy … and have a good week!

24 thoughts on “On a Musical Tree(t)

    • Hook,
      Special welcome to a first-time commenter here. My Monday routine (Monday Morning Entertainment) covers a wide swath a light stuff to start the week. Think of it as a cup of coffee for the morning. Thanks for stopping by and hope you return.


  1. Can’t say I’m overly fond of portraying Great Danes as anything but the fun-loving giants they are. But I’ll save my true wrath for Chrysler’s “Halftime In America”, since it’s only compliments of taxpayer bailouts and partial ownership by a foreign company (FIAT) that allows Chrysler to be around today. Kinda disingenuous, methinks – at least to a raving, slobbering gearhead like yours truly. 😉
    And yes, I DID like the Fiat 500 Abarth commercial, because I like FIAT’s current cars. When you have multiple voices in your head, you CAN disagree with yourself – and frequently do! 😀


    • This ad John? Yes I work for Chrysler.

      But Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne (Yeh Fiat’s classy CEO) insists that

      presidential politics had nothing to do with Eastwood’s Chrysler commercial. “It has zero political content,” Marchionne told Detroit radio station WJR. “We are as apolitical as you can make us.” Instead, he says, the ad was intended as a tribute to the employees of Chrysler and resonated “because it says something…about the resilience of America.”

      Here’s the ad… I think you are referring to:

      Here’s the video…. it’s Auburn Hills Michigan that’s Chrysler’s HQ not Detroit.



      • All I am saying John, look beyond/above..the message was about the Resilience of the peeps of the USA…. GM also crashed… with the American people (Canadian’s too) is to buy American. I am saving up to buy a JEEP… saving up! Yeh me a big FORD fan….


        • Oh, no worries, Meesh, I did get the “props to America” message. It’s like the screaming fit I was once induced into, following a guy with a “Pearl Harbor Survivor” license on his TOYOTA! Yeah, it was the sister of the 1980s Chevy Nova, built at the NUMMI plant out in California, but there’s just that annoying undertone – like I said, at least for an anal-retentive car guy like myself!
          And except for a 6-year fling with a sexy little Japanese model, I’ve been an American lover since before I was born! (Yes, I cheated on GM with a “GASP!” Subaru. Oh, the shame! 😉 )


    • John,
      The Abarth commercial was one of the better ones, but the “Halftime in America” didn’t bother me. Another way to look at the situation is the number of people that still have their jobs because of FIAT and our government. However, only time will tell if it was a good investment. Meanwhile … I thought you are used to the multiple voices in your head! 😉 … Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • Kay,
      Agree … a lot of creativity here. I also saw a video by the same person making music with dry cleaner equipment. Although the steam press was good, I didn’t like it as good as this one. Thanks for stopping by!


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