On a Pressure Point

Last week served as the timeline for an interesting public relations exercise as Nancy Brinker, Executive Director of the Susan G Komen Foundation, stated, “We will never bow to political pressure.” Of course, in the matter of several days and regardless of spin, she demonstrated that never means at least twice.

Issues, especially those of volatile in nature, tend to bring out its share of misinformation. I can recall the time last spring when I heard Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Az) make an interesting statement that not only made me wince, but it made the rounds on the national news.

Gaffs like these (and in Kyl’s case an unquestionable lie) simply give political satirists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert a chance to make hay of the situation. I recall seeing a bit from Colbert last spring that just cracked me up. Heck, Colbert had a problem trying not to laugh.

Alas, I recently saw it again, and it’s still funny! To see it though, you have to go to Gawker – so click here and enjoy.