On Satirical News Bits: Vol. 7

The first two days are in the book, thus Wednesday is the day that turns the corner while pointing to the weekend. As for me, I’m back to taking care of the around-the-house chores and having dinner ready when my wife arrives home. Tuesday night was this tasty version of chicken cacciatore from Food & Wine. Well, I did a bit of my on improv on the recipe.

Meanwhile, and for your amusement, here’s some past satire from The Onion for you to enjoy. Which is your favorite?

Study Finds Every Style of Parenting Produces Disturbed Miserable Adult

Department of Homeland Security Develops Security Cologne

Grandma Updates to Cordless Landline

Man Suspected Being Bumbling Spy

Car Alarm Turned Off Just as it was Getting Good

Late Working NASA Scientist Discovers Moon over My Hammy (a rimshot for those who need it)

Beach Reports All Good Shells Taken

Heartbreaking Country Ballad Paralyzes Trucking Industry

Plague of 17-Year Giraffes Decimates US Southwest

Man to Sail Around World to Decrease Awareness of Important Issues

Woman Begs Friend to take Dessert Menu away from Her

Donut Shop Gets Weird after 11 AM

17 thoughts on “On Satirical News Bits: Vol. 7

  1. Going to go with the Homeland Security Cologne, since it made me laugh first.
    Though the NASA one made me think of Richard Dreyfus in Moon Over Parador.
    Have a great rest of the week, Frank!


  2. Okay.. why did I bust out laughing and kept laughing at this line “Grandma Updates to Cordless Landline”. LOL. I can totally see this being huge with someone who thought cordless phones were evil LOL


  3. Hi,
    I would definitely have to say:
    “Donut Shop Gets Weird after 11 am”
    I want to know what exactly happens after 11am, and what do they mean by weird. I am intrigued. 😀


  4. Wow, that’s a group of Onion headlines I can sink my teeth into! They’re all good, but I’ll go with “Beach Reports All Good Shells Taken.”


  5. Loved this one:

    Grandma Updates to Cordless Landline

    Probably because we recently updated to cordless landline phones. (And yes, I am a grandma.) LOL! I prefer having a landline even though we do have cell phones as well. It works during power outages (like we had yesterday) and cell phone coverage out here in the country is rather spotty at best.


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