Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 126

On Politics
Newt Gingrich came to Cincinnati this week, and I didn’t consider giving him any of my time. Even if he was just down the street (which he wasn’t), I have no interest in the boisterous curmudgeon.

By the way, no GOP candidate has 10% of the delegates needed, so Super Tuesday (which includes me in Ohio) could be a big swing for someone. These campaigns are so hungry that they are calling my fax machine to talk to the fax shrill.

As Republicans continue in yearn for President Reagan’s resurrection and return to the political scene, they continue to miss an important point – Whether conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, Americans want to a president that they respect and can believe in – and in retrospect, the majority of Americans felt that about Ronald Reagan.

From conservative economist Bruce Bartlett: My concern is that the Republican effort is just a smokescreen to incorporate phony-baloney factors into revenue estimates to justify unlimited tax cutting. How soon before the CBO is required to incorporate estimates from the right-wing Heritage Foundation in its calculations? ….. It is reasonable to assume that the Republicans’ effort to alter the budget process is just another aspect of their goal to politicize policy and institutionalize their philosophy.

I wonder how many times politicians have misused “small business” in their statements.

As the situation in Syria continues and gets more press, our pathetic politicians are a much better alternative to bombing one’s own people.

Here is a classic leading to my next section. Rep. John Fleming (R-LA) thought this story from The Onion was real: Planned Parenthood opening a $8 Billion Abortionplex

On Headlines from The Onion

  • Fantastic Roommate Won’t Stop Buying Toilet Paper
  • Man in International Airport Only Speaks Business
  • New Photos Reveal Stress of Obama’s First Term has Rapidly Aged Americans
  • Group of Calm, Confident Squirrels Stroll Upright through Central Park
  • Congressman Hurt to Discover Lobbyist not really His Friend
  • Intelligent, Condescending Life Discovered in Distant Galaxy

On Headlines from the Campaign Trail

  • Ron Paul Blames Florida Loss on Expensive Advertising Costs of Poster Board and Markers (The Onion)
  • Coke Super Bowl Features “Mean Mitt Romney (Satirical Political)
  • GOP Introduces New Mystery Candidate with Paper Bag Over Head (The Onion)
  • Mitt Romney Attacks Ben Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanac (Satirical Political)
  • GOP Nomination Now Two-Way Race between Romney and Total Voter Apathy (The Onion)
  • Right Proves Every Super Bowl Commercial was Pro-Obama (Satirical Political)

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri
Just learned about the Abrahamic Council – a group of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim scholars committed to longer-term dialogue.

Why are banks sitting on a robust of cash (thus not lending)?

Our handbell ensemble plays this weekend. It’s a very calm piece, which you can hear with a click. However, we do this without a vocalist, use different striker settings, but hopefully with the flute.

FYI: I will be posting tomorrow.

Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. Here is an interesting song to send us into the weekend. (Thanks xandi.)

26 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 126

  1. HI,
    I will have to pick 2 headlines this time. 🙂

    “Group of Calm, Confident Squirrels Stroll Upright through Central Park”
    I would love to see that, what an awesome photo op. 🙂

    “Intelligent, Condescending Life Discovered in Distant Galaxy”
    This one I am really interested in, as I have a lot of questions I would like to ask. 😀

    I did the click, and that was really nice, the lady had a beautiful voice.
    I also enjoyed the video.


    • Nancy,
      And the irony upon the irony is that the GOP won’t admit it! Thanks for the link as I hadn’t seen it, then again, I haven’t made my satire rounds yet this morning. As far as your link goes, glad to do it, and hopefully at least one reader comes clicks it. 😉 … thanks for commenting.


  2. After reading the NY Times article by conservative economist Bruce Bartlett about conservative groups and think tanks trying to include their views in the reports put out by the Congressional Budget Office, I’m curious what afrankangle’s view is of the credibility of the CBO in general?


    • Tim,
      On paper, the CBO is nonpartisan. Of course what they write is subject to the reader’s interpretation – after all, each side seems to be able to pull (to use) quotes from the same report to support their case – which is a big hug?!!! Nonetheless, if a legislative group doesn’t like the report or its process, sure they are going to attempt to either circumvent the CBO or limit its power and process. Then again, whatever comes out of Washington is unquestionable. Thanks for commenting.


    • Kay,
      This weekend’s handbell piece is very peaceful, especially since the lower bells adjusted to what we call the soft setting (actually my suggestion) … and it makes it so mellow. It’s not difficult to play, but good techniques can take it to the next level. I’m confident with this piece … not the one we were preparing for April is another story as it is quite the challenge – and we may come through, but only time will tell. I’ll feature a video of that one in the future. Thanks for commenting as I always appreciate your positive thoughts.


  3. Frank, of course I vote for the song video! Actually, I have a difficult time trying to pry my classical composition students away from this chord progression. Now I will have to show this video in class next week:-> There are a few other “techniques” often used in pop songs that get this kind of treatment, most notably the “half step up” build for the final chorus. Ah, I love musical humor.


  4. 1. my high school social studies teacher was named bruce bartlett. i doubt he was the same person becasue he also coached football and had a fake perm.

    2. excellent breakdown of the gop strategy, or lack there of. i get greatly disappointed when people in positions of power, people who “should” be smarter than me, are clearly no more capable of strategic decisions than a squashed grape. or, as i’ve often said, “if i’m the smartest person in the room, then i’m clearly in the wrong room.”

    3. happy friday.

    4. who’s the blonde that wakes up in bed with luke wilson about 25 minutes into the movie “old school”? she’s trashy but hot!


  5. Thanks for keeping me up to date on the Onion headlines. I always laugh at that stuff.
    I like your comment about American in relation to Syria. I KNOW my blogging is allowed because I live in a great country. I want to change the bumper sticker to:
    America, Love it or don’t, it doesn’t matter, because you live in America where you can feel however you want about your country and it’s ok–but it’s still a pretty great place.


    • Les,
      I watching a new report from Syria, and then … pow! … I realized that even with the pathetic, selfish nature of our politicians, I’ll take our Washington over what Syria is going through.As you know, so much in life is about perspective. Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Well… this video served to drive home the thought that I’ve had that almost every song that I hear these days sounds the bloody same. These guys are absolutely brilliant.

    On a less serious note, do you think Bruce Bartlet was correct in his statements in this article?

    I’ve been under the impression that conservatives in congress are trying to use tax cuts to force themselves to cut spending. And have there really been any serious tax cuts being proposed? Or are conservatives only doing their best to stop the obligatory annual tax hikes on the rich? Of course, I’m well aware that regardless of that, conservatives truly are hoping for some serious tax breaks for the rich. But only in effort to balance the tax system for everybody.


    I hope you don’t mind my posting a link to myself, but what do you think?


    • Dink,
      Glad you enjoyed the video. I wonder how many different songs are incorporated into that tune? Better yet, someone much better than I will lyrics could identify the tunes – thus I (for one) would love to see the list.

      As for posting your link, no problem, I’ve quickly read, and will respond either here or on your site when I’m not so rushed.

      In terms of Bartlett’s comments, I tend to agree with him in terms of looking at the situation as a whole. To me, a conservative who served in GOP White House administrations throwing caution to the wind is more reliable than a one from the opposition – thus my worry of political overreach from the far right. But I also worry about overreach from the left.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


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