On a Wimpy Today

If you are a baby boomer like I, you probably associate Wimpy as a friend of Popeye the Sailor. Yep, that’s J. Wellington Wimpy to we cartoon enthusiasts.

Created by EC Segar for the original Popeye comic strip, the soft-spoken, kind, intelligent Wimpy was Popeye’s friend. When Fleischer Studios animated Popeye, Wimpy took a less prominent role.

Hamburgers are Wimpy’s favorite meal, and we know he can continuously eat them! Wimpy was also cheap, even a  moocher, thus known for his famous line, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Wimpy also inspired the name for a fast food restaurant in London (1954). The chain has been bought and sold several times, but we can find Wimpy’s today in over 20 countries. However, this story centers around Wimpy’s in South Africa.

The chain had an ad campaign promoting that it had Braille menus, but a promotion’s effort took a unique turn – they used sesame seeds to place Braille messages on 15 hamburger buns, and then served the hamburger to 15 blind individuals.

Whether a sincere small gesture or intentionally exploitive, this is a feel-good video. Have a good rest of the weekend.

52 thoughts on “On a Wimpy Today

      • There’s a great old fashioned hamburger joint here in San Antonio called Danny Boy’s, locally owned, the burgers are incredible, and that’s ALL he sells…hamburgers. The only problem is Danny will talk your ear off… which is really not a problem at all, great guy! : )


        • Alex,
          Oh what a great tip if I ever return to San Antonio. (Only there once on a short trip for business). At one time, I had a mission of searching for the best hamburgers across the Cincinnati area – which was fun. Thanks for sharing!


  1. I probably watched every Popeye cartoon ever made as a kid. The early ones are by far better than the latter more recent attempts. Anyway, in Los Angeles we had Tom Hatten who hosted a Popeye only show, and he had “Squiggle Contests” wherein a kid would make a scribble and he’d draw a cartoon out of it. think Olive Oil was my fav…..Hansi
    PS…got the Spam/comment thing figured out. Your comments were going into the Spam do-dad.


    • Hansi,
      I too about the 4 o’clock cartoons … Mr. Cartoon in my area … thus I may have seen all or most of the cartoons from that era. Loved ’em … Thanks for visiting and sharing your love for Popeye. hmmmm … maybe I should do a Popeye post. 🙂


  2. Hi,
    OMG, I had forgotten all about Wimpy, boy that does bring back some memories. 😀 I still love a good cartoon.

    I think it was a great idea, even though it was more for marketing than helping people, but if they can combine the 2 why not. When I was watching them putting on the sesame seeds it seemed a long slow process, I bet they don’t do too many of those. 🙂


    • Mags,
      No kidding the process was slow – and probably the reason why they only did 15 buns. None the less a great story … and I’m glad you appreciated the cartoon reference. Thanks for commenting.


  3. A lovely video and a great post. I actually wasn’t aware of the connection between Wimpy from Popeye and the chain. It seems like a good day to get a hamburger, doesn’t it?


    • Otto,
      It’s always a good day for a hamburger … well, at least a good one. I don’t know if the chain’s name is tied to the cartoon character or not (although I say the odds are high for it) – the connection I used in the post is mine. Glad you enjoyed it … and thanks for visiting.


    • RMV,
      Now there is a question I hadn’t anticipated, so brace yourself for this answer …. I saw the video somewhere, thought was interesting and touching, tagged it for later use, used the cartoon character as the launching pad to the video, and then post. Thanks for visiting.


      • glad to visit. when i was a kid, there were popeye cartoons on regularly, introduced by a character name “officer joe bolton.” he kind of looked like yogi berra, had a night stick, and seemed like just a cop walking down the street introducing each cartoon. of course he was in a studio, not really on a street, but it was fun. i always loved the older, black and white popeye episodes, not the newer color ones. i especially like listening to the little side comments he’d mumble as he was tangling with bluto or interacting with olive oyl. at times, his little side comments were rather sarcastic.

        thanks for the memory.


  4. That’s a lovely post! I really enjoyed seeing the slow paced cartoon and made me nostalgic about times when TV was a delight to relax to and not the frantic rhythm of today’s programming 🙂 Oh yes, and it makes you want a burger!


    • Mimo,
      Welcome first-time commenter. In my mind, “The frantic rhythm of today’s programming” is a very accurate assessment. Meanwhile, the story is good while stimulating the desire for a burger! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment – hope you return.


  5. I remember Popeye. I always knew I’d nickname my child as “sweetpea” and I still call him that, even tho he’s 10 now. I love vintage cartoons and even wrote a blog with an ancient Mickey Mouse cartoon. Great post!


  6. Thanks for some old time smiles and chuckles. As a kid I loved my Saturday morning TV cartoons shows, with Popeye, Bluto, Olive Oil, and Wimpy being my favorite characters. Also thanks for the Wimpy’s video from South Africa. I traveled in that country a number of years ago and liked both the food and the friendly atmosphere at Wimpy’s restaurants.


  7. Humph! And here I thought you were going to have a physics-related post. But no, I don’t get any Weakly-Interacting Massive Particle talk, I get cartoons! 😉
    Now this is one cartoon that doesn’t seem to show up on Cartoon Network or any of the others. Pity. 😦


    • John,
      I actually have a quantum physics post coming up (but not sure when). Very basic – well, just to introduce a video. However, I will be counting on you to enlighten us! 🙂 Hope all is well … and thanks for commenting.


    • Starla,
      And I’m craving one … but currently delaying satisfying my urge. But yes … the reactions in the video were great! BTW – I commented on your site, but my comment may be sitting in your blog’s spam folder. Please check … and thanks for visiting and commenting.


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