Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 127

On Politics
As Democrats and Republicans continue to point to the other for dividing America, I say the political rhetoric from each is leading the way in that endeavor.

I find it interesting that those promoting the way free markets work blame President Obama for rising gas prices.

The House of Representatives recently extended unemployment benefits without the cry of “socialism” from their base. Amazing!

Here’s a good example why I the far right drives me nuts. Four of us (3 talkers and 1 listener) are discussing European countries we visited. One person describes what she saw in Russia, and the listener suddenly says that she needs to tell that to President Obama. Huh? I turned away and entered another conversation.

A friend of mine (and Romney supporter) is not worried about his latest slide in the polls and feels Santorum is the leading candidate for the VP slot.

On Headlines from The Onion

  • Palm Tree Fires Warning Coconut
  • Annual Valentine’s Day Stoning of Happy Couple Held
  • Biography Shows Einstein Developed Theory of Relativity because He Wasn’t Smart Enough to Invent Microsoft Word
  • Shiny, Wiggling Object Attracting Interest among Fish Community
  • Shitload of Math Due Monday

On Headlines from the Campaign Trail

  • New Breeding Program Aimed to Keep Moderate Republicans from Extinction (The Onion)
  • Congressional Republicans Introduce Bill to End Handouts to Lazy Squirrels (Wear Your Cape)
  • GOP Voters: Can We See What it Looks Like with Huntsman and Perry Again? (The Onion)
  • Romney Would Team with McDonalds to offer Health Care McVouchers for the Poor (Wear Your Cape)
  • Obama Begs Voters not to make his Daughters Switch Schools (The Onion)

Interesting Reads

On Potpourri

A 2012 Dolts of the Year Nominee: Pat Robertson for saying President Obama’s policies are for people who want a dictatorship. Besides politicians, any other nominees?

FYI: Forty years ago this week (Feb 17), President Nixon started on his first trip to China. With that in mind, here is a good read from columnist David Ignatius.

The Jeremy Lin story in the NBA is fun. Interestingly, he has an economics degree from Harvard, which has more US presidents than NBA players as alumni.

Baseball is in the air as Reds pitchers and catchers report to training camp this Sunday.

To me, the passing of Whitney Houston serves as a reminder that the most important decision in life is whom one chooses to hang around.

FYI: I will be posting a surprise tomorrow.

Life continually hits us with unexpected news. I never met Judson, the owner of 3td Stone from the Sun and Canton Crazy Cuts (CCC) whose sites are in my sidebar, but he commented here. For anyone appreciating NFL history, CCC is fabulous! Early this week I learned he passed away several weeks ago of a stroke at age 47, thus leaving with 3 kids. RIP 3rd Stone, and thanks for being a class act. Here’s an interesting read about losing an Internet friend.

To send us into the weekend, here is an interesting song from Austria courtesy of xandi at World Music that caught me interest. Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

29 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 127

  1. Thanks, Frank. I love the Onion, but it gets caught in my spam folder :(.

    Here is my fav for this week: New Breeding Program Aimed to Keep Moderate Republicans from Extinction (The Onion)

    I fear they are too late. You are the only Moderate Republican left in the US and you have no children …


  2. Hi,
    My favorite from The Onion:
    “Biography Shows Einstein Developed Theory of Relativity because He Wasn’t Smart Enough to Invent Microsoft Word”, that I would like an answer to. 🙂

    “Shiny, Wiggling Object Attracting Interest among Fish Community”, yes but is it edible? 😀


    • Les,
      It says something when the headline has a sense of reality. Graphs of his numbers appeared more like a flat line. JH simply never caught on – I think because he didn’t say the stupid stuff! … Well, being an ambassador in the current administration was probably the biggest reason – which is the dumbest reason yet. Thanks for commenting!


    • Mimo,
      Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the song as it caused me to stop and listen – yet in some ways, haunting. By the way, Opinions in the Shorts is a normal Friday feature here. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. To me, we’ve devolved past “far-right” and “far-left.” Now, it seems everybody in this country is out to protect their own interests while making sure that if there a sacrifice to be made, it’s the other guy that does it. Until that changes, this is what we get.


    • J-DUb,
      There is no question that the current climate is “all about me”. Yet, I maintain that far right and far left are still part of the equation. The person I referenced is more to the right than other Republicans I know. And yes, good or bad, … we get what we elect. Thanks for commenting.


  4. I agree with you vis-a-vis the divisional tactics of the two political extremes. Fewer and fewer Americans are identifying themselves as moderates, which is a shame. We’re becoming polarized camps, devoting all our time to figuring out what the other side is doing wrong.


    • Smak … (Smaktakula, I usually go with short form if that’s ok),

      Welcome first-time commenter. I see three primary groups of moderates: moderate Republicans (which the current GOP craze calls RINOs and doesn’t care for … moderate Democrats, which the Democratic left doesn’t care for … and independent moderates, which both parties want for their votes, but not their policies. Thus – polarization without common ground. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


      • I tend to see the three groups of moderates you mention as a single group, less ideologically consistent than either of the extremes, but largely sharing the same concerns. However, upon reflection, I’m beginning to think that your view is the more accurate, and mine wishful thinking (I’m a moderate myself). While I do believe that moderates (whether RINOs or DINOs or GDIs like myself) share core values across the group. many of them place their allegiance in one of the two parties, sublimating their own values for the party platform. I’m sometimes amazed at the mental gymnastics partisans have to perform daily to reconcile the many contradictions within both parties’ platforms.
        And while I do prefer to be addressed by my full name and title–Lord General Smaktakula de la Vera Concepcion Peace-Rainbow Reynolds, I will deign to be called by the diminutive.


        • Lord General,
          If I could use a broad brush to paint the situation, I would say the following: Many (but not all) moderates are fiscally conservative and socially liberal … hence the quandary for the voter, yet the reason why each party wants the voter’s vote, but not the voter’s policy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  5. Oh man, we lost “3rd Stone”? Wow – he and I never really talked one-on-one, but I did feel like he was a part of this weird little “family”. There go all my clever little comments, right down the “bummer” chute. 😦
    Best I can manage is liking the “Stoning The Happy Valentine Couple”, ’cause my wife and I used to do a little “bit” that could nauseate people at 30 yards. I figure there’s a few hundred people who would’ve loved to have us as the targets.
    Godspeed and Restful Peace, Judson.


    • John,
      You have made by day by recognizing the salute for 3rd Stone. Eventually (but not yet), I will remove the link to his 3rd Stone from the Sun blog, but Canton Crazy Cuts is a keep for NFL historians. Yet more importantly, strength to his family. Thanks for commenting!


  6. Let me just say that this “Palm Tree Fires Warning Coconut” line is hilarious to me lol. I always find something in your post that makes me laugh and smile. And I saw this video on World Music as well.. great blog.. just like yours 🙂


    • Kay,
      The palm tree headline caused me to smile, which means it passed the initial test. And yes – World Music is a great blog with great music from around the world. Thanks the kind words and for commenting … and have a good weekend.


    • Rosie,
      Glad to meet you too, and a special welcome to you as a first-time commenter. This is not a topic-specific blog by any means, but my Monday and Friday posts are fairly consistent – but everything else, who knows. Feel free to return anytime!


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