On a Reblog Oops

Today, I was planned my first reblog – but I messed it up – thus plan B – a link.

It’s been some time since I’ve written about the interchange between science and religion, but when I read Nancy’s post in late January, I knew this was reblog worthy. That’s where the mistake occurred because I was thinking I could save the reblog as a draft, then post. Wrong! It reblogged when I didn’t want it to causing me to delete the reblog that I didn’t want to do – so as far as WordPress is concerned, I’ve already reblogged her post.

When it comes to the interchange between science and religion, I am a self-taught observer on the subject, which is a story in itself that I’ve written about here somewhere in these pages. Like me, Nancy is a layperson interested in the topic, but I respectfully recognize Nancy as being higher up the knowledge ladder than I.

I encourage everyone to follow this link to read Nancy’s post. Feel free to comment there as well because Nancy replies to comments. Enjoy – and hopefully I will be successful in my next attempt at reblogging.