On by Numbers

I image most of us are aware of paint by numbers – and probably have tried it at least once. But this post is not about aforementioned craft classic – nor is it about a significant number in my life that is surrounded by a boatload of factoids that Trivial Pursuit doesn’t even cover. It is about wine by numbers. What?

Believe it or not, our church as a wine tasting group. Built around using wine as a vehicle for having fun and building fellowship, the group is one of the longest-running groups at the church! Blah, blah, blah – so what does that have to do with this post?

The group meets 3-5 times a year, and each meeting has a theme. Since we’ve covered the global map more than once, our next theme is Numbers – that is the name of the winery or the wine must include a number.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the spirit of gathering useless information, except for anyone whoever attends an event like this, I present Wine by Numbers, which happens to include wines with prices of single, double, and triple digits – and yes, feel free to add others.

Zero One

Opus One, Root 1, One Last Kiss, 1 (Antigal), First Colony

Two Vines, Two Hands, Two Oceans, Folie au Deux, Columbia Crest 2 Vines, Molly Dooker Two Left Feet, Middle Sister Goodie Two Shoes, Wildside Vines Duet Kentucky Red, 2-Up, Two-Buck Chuck, 2 Brothers, M-2, Deux Amis, Twin Oaks

Three Thieves, Hedges Three Vineyards Red, Ridge Three Valleys Zinfandel, Columbia Crest H3 (Heaven Horse Hills), Tres Picos, Menage a Trois, Three Wishes, Three Kings (by Meeker and Burnett Ridge), Three Saints, Tres Sabores, Three Rivers, Three Brooms. Tre Monti, Y3, Three Rings, Three-Legged Red

Four Graces, Four Vines, Four Sisters, Cline Oakley Four Whites, Patricia Green Four Winds, 4G, Foursight, Quatro Goombas

Elk Cove Five Mountain, Five Rivers, Cain 5, Five Star, Funf 5

Graham’s Six Grapes Port, The 6th Sense

7 Deadly Zins, Seven Daughters, Seven Hills, J Lohr Seven Oaks, Seven Wells, St Innocent Seven Springs, 7 Heavenly Chards, Siete 7, Vineyard 7 & 8

Cellar No. 8, Vineyard 7 & 8, D’Arenberg Eight-Iron Shiraz, 8 Chains North

9 Stones, Platform 9, Niner

Row Eleven, Apex 11

Highway 12 *

14 Hands

Sixteen by Twenty

Mogen David (MD) 20-20 (If I didn’t mention this, someone else would have), Twenty Rows, Sixteen by Twenty

Ruta 22

Lot 27

D’Arenberg The Twenty Eight Road Mourvedre

29 Vines, Vineyard 29

Rosenblum Vintner’s Cuvee XXXIII Zinfandel

Festival 34

Parallele 45

Rex Goliath Giant 47 lb Rooster


Fizz 56

St. Ema 60/40 Reserve

D 66

Redneck 101

Santa Rita 120

Cote 125

181 Merlot

Lot 205 Winery

337 Cabernet Sauvignon

Cellar 360

667 Pinot Noir

Prospect 772

Gott 815

1448 Red Blend

1749 Sauvignon Blanc

Solera 1847

Chateau Tour Boisee Plantation 1905

NOTE: Some wineries (Penfolds and Lindeman’s are two) use Lot numbers to designate a particular line. Although Marietta’s Old Vine Lots are a personal favorite, I intentionally left the Lots off the list.

* Reader provided

Image from http://kidscutecoloringpages.com

42 thoughts on “On by Numbers

  1. Since I, for ONE, don’t drink wine, this is not much use TO me. Though I am happy to take THREE minutes and type a response FOUR your lovely post. High FIVE, my friend, don’t you dare deep-SIX this article. I’m sure you’ve put your wine-drinking readership in SEVENth heaven, and since I always eagerly awEIGHT your posts, I’ll congratulate you on another wonderful post, quit my asiNINE comments, and simply promise to return ofTEN.
    (After ten, you’re on your own, my man! 😀 )


  2. Hi,
    I’m another one that isn’t into wine, but the colour by numbers is definitely a favorite. 😀 This of course is how talented I am as a painter, plenty of talent as long as I have those numbers. 😆


    • Mags,
      When I was finishing this post the other day, the idea of using paint by numbers came to mind – and yippee – Thanks for showing me that it worked. BTW – some wines from OZ are on the list. Thanks for commenting.


    • Les,
      Great addition – thus I will add it to the list above. The main thing I did was to visit various stores with a descent wine selection, looked at labels, and noted the names. One thing for sure, the list was longer than I initially anticipated. Thanks for sharing.


  3. That’s a great idea Frank. I often buy four sisters wine because I have four sisters! Our church runs something a little similar where once a month we meet in smaller groups in people’s home and we just share what’s going on in our lives and after the sharing we share wine and light snacks. It’s a night I always look forward to because you know you’re in great company.


    • Spiced,
      For some reason I thought that I’ve written about this group before, but going through my archives, I don’t see it, so many I’ve simply mentioned it before. Ah ha … maybe a future post about this group. Many churches, including ours, are have small groups meetings as you described – which seems to be a growing trend in the US. No question – regardless of format, groups getting together is a good night! Thanks for sharing.


    • Mimo,
      Our group has been a wonderful way to meet and get to know others. I keep thinking that I did a post about this group, but maybe only in my mind …. which means a future post is in the works.


    • Robin,
      I recall my wife and I talking to the event organizer about a possible theme. Then, while at the store, my wife noticed all the wine by numbers labels – thus it was eventually passed on to the organizer – and the rest is history. It should be an interesting evening. Thanks for visiting.


  4. They must love having you in their group, you must add quite an outrageous and entertaining dimension to the event. Now after a FEW wines does it all work the same?.. awesome work.. c


  5. Of course I want to colour your wine list, but can’t find the key. Like somebody else I have he crayons ready. I do enjoy wine, though, but I haven’t paid any attention to the numbers except for the Faustinos which come in a whole array of numbers – lower number indicating better wine.


    • Otto,
      I enjoy Faustino as well .. although it has been a while since I’ve knowing had one. However, I never recognized the numbering system, so that’s good to know! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love for the product from the vines.


  6. Frank, I am pretty sure that yours is not the first church wine tasting group. My church has been doing it for 2,000 years. Just wanted to be able to give you another number. 🙂


  7. a quick trip the liquor store and I have some number wines – as we were talking Pinot, here’s some of the Pinots I spotted:

    42 Degrees South
    Six Foot Six
    Penfolds Bin 23
    Ten Minutes By Tractor (love this one)


    • Charlie,
      Ha ha … love the Ten Minutes by Tractor too. I also laugh because a good friend of mine who have a difficult time drinking the wine with that name – regardless of its taste!

      Oops – do you recall if they are all Australian wines? Now, each time you see a wine with a number, you’ll think of this post. 🙂 …. thanks for adding to the list and for sharing in the fun!


    • CraftCrazy,
      LOL … no …. however, I am one who likes different wines (thus not stuck in a rut of purchasing the same wine much of the time) … but looking at the list, I would say that I have tried about 20 or so of these. Which also tells you that I was on a mission to find these. Thanks for commenting.


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