Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 128

On Politics
I cannot recall a political graph looking like this one.

As we hear numerous leading Republicans mention the attack on religious freedoms, is it a Constitutional contradiction for Republicans in numerous state legislatures to introduce anti-Shariah Law legislation?

A conservative taking Rick Santorum to task.

Interestingly, as Rick Santorum links social issues to economic issues, his handling of past and current comments seems tentative (at best).

Here is last line from this column by conservative columnist George Will: “Neither Romney nor Santorum looks like a formidable candidate for November.”

Dolt of the Year nomination to Rep Bob Morris (R-IN) for attacking Girl Scouts in this letter to congressional colleagues.

On Headlines from The Onion
Smug New Mom Going to Start a Blog
Woman in Ninth Year of Letting Boyfriend Down Easy
Duck only Interested in Area Man’s Bread
Senate Session Interrupted by Wailing of Ted Kennedy’s Ghost
Scientist Create Lab-Grown Meat

Interesting Reads
From Common Ground, a sensible discussion between a conservative and a liberal

Republican economist Bruce Bartlett about President Obama’s manufacturing policy

What conservative Barry Goldwater said (around 50 years ago) about the religious right (thanks Mo)

Columnist David Ignatius on the Muslim Brotherhood

Andrew Sullivan about President Obama’s Chess Game

Video games in a Urinal (thanks Mags)

On Potpourri
The 50th anniversary of John Glenn’s historical space flight was earlier this week. He is an Ohioan, as is Neil Armstrong. Here’s an short, but well done editorial about John Glenn from USA Today.

According to Smart Money, the US tax code was about 30 pages in 1913 – but 5,296 pages in 2011.

Besides being an unnamed Dolt of the Year nominee, do we have a name yet of the decision maker for Qur’an burning on the USAF base in Afghanistan?

Kentucky High School Athletic Association sanctioned bass fishing as an official high school sport starting next school year (2012-2013).

During this past week, it was interesting to see pictures and reports of different Carnival celebrations throughout the world.

Woo hoo! It’s official – February 2012 is the most viewed month to date here. Thanks to all who visit this my humble little corner.

FYI: I am posting tomorrow (Saturday).

Many refer to Garrison Keillor as America’s Great Storyteller. Writer’s Almanac, his daily ten-minute show is a gem. To hear an episode, click here or see the link in my sidebar under Potpourri.

To send us into the weekend, watch this rare occurrence of an event at Yosemite National Park, which happened again recently. Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

33 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 128

    • Guapo,
      Zing! … good one regarding funny. When I saw the story earlier in the week about Yosemite, it was off to YouTube. I liked this one because it also provided information. Well back and hope you had a good trip … Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I like Huntsman, but he is at the bottom. He stood up and told folks that Wall Street needs real reform and is ignored. I think he quit. He was ambassador to China under Obama, so he knows how to play\compromise with both political parties and an important growing super power. I guess being in the middle, just means you become road kill. He was Governor too. At this point George Will is right, Obama would win in a landslide. Most of the women I know are scared of Santorum. If Obama picks up 90% of the minority vote and say 70% of the women’s vote, and all he needs is few white guys to win. Last time out I think he got about 40+% of white males, so with this formula, it would be a rout. Routs are not good for America, and that is what I care about most. We need a good solid fair fight campaign in the Fall for America to win.


    • Randel,
      I liked Huntsman too, but you listed many of the reasons he didn’t catch on. First and foremost (IMO), the GOP base could not get past him participating in the current administration – which, of course, says the current partisan environment. I don’t always agree with George Will, but he’s worth reading. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Hi,
    I was very disappointed in the headlines from The Onion.
    Smug New Mom to Start a Blog : This is news??
    Woman in Ninth Year of Letting Boyfriend Down Easy: Not worth commenting on.
    Duck only Interested in Area Man’s Bread: Just sounds stupid
    Senate Session Interrupted by Wailing of Ted Kennedy’s Ghost: Now this one is worth reading. 😀
    Scientist Create Lab-Grown Meat: Old news, I put in a blog post on this last year. 🙂

    Congrat on your February stats, that’s fantastic. 🙂


    • Mags,
      I know what you mean about these headlines from The Onion – but they do like to tap into the mundane (as the New Mom and the Duck). Then again, overall (and in my opinion) this week was so-so at best. Nonetheless, thanks for the congrats and for stopping by.


  3. that graph might be due to two things: 1. the inconsistency of the candidates’ views and expressions, and B. the effect of ditch-digging press looking to find a way to twist words into a non-story in order to grab a headline.

    santorum makes me laugh because he, like other GOP’ers, is crying about his personal and religious freedoms being under attack, yet he wants to make sure we are all living our lives “the right way,” ie: according to his bible.

    the irony is how they spend so much time, effort, and money to make sure we have the right to own assault weapons, designed for one purpose – which is to kill as many humans as quickly as possible – and at the same time, they want to take away our right to enjoy sex without the risk of pregnancy. i guess that’s so there’s a better chance to replace all the humans that those guns are going to wipe out.


  4. There’s a lot of good reading here! I’m not only intrigued, I’m impressed! I agree with Tim about the graph! I’ll look forward to reading your posts over the next year of election-based mayhem! I love Garrison Keillor, too, and think his “Be well, do good work and keep in touch” ought to be repeated often! Debra


    • Debra (One of the Three Well Beings),
      Welcome first-time commenter and many thanks for the kind words. FYI: OITS is a regular Friday feature and Monday’s will give you something to start the week. In between … who knows. And yes – the Keillor sendoff is awesome! I did a post on the phrase, but I currently can’t find it.

      BTW – I hope you see this at your end because my comments on your site are going into your blog’s spam folder … so please check.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you return again.


  5. Re: Dolt of the year contender Bob Morris. I wonder if he actually talked with his daughters about their experiences in Girl Scouts? I wonder what his daughters think about having to leave Scouts and join a different group?

    Just for the record, being in Girl Scouts was one of the best things I ever did!


  6. No, no, NO! I refuse to comment on politics! Loved The Onion Headlines….and agree wholeheartedly with Guapo.

    Ducks are very fickle and their opinion of you is determined entirely on whether you are currently holding bread in your hands….geese are even worse. This said, they are both delicious!

    I enjoyed the video, quite amazing…thank you. Congrats on a banner February, can you feel the love!?! ; ) Have a wonderful weekend Frank.


  7. I know your political situation is challenging but have you heard what’s happening here? We make your situation look very manageable! And thanks for the u-tube clip. One can never tire of watching too many episodes of Seinfeld. Have a lovely weekend Frank.


  8. Once again, a better-late-than-never appearance by yours truly. Nine years of letting the boyfriend down easy? I thought 9 minutes was generous! And in the Koran burning mess, it’s an unfortunate result of the mindless passing of orders through the ranks. I loves me my military, especially my gropos, but the Army has never really been supportive of thinking before following orders. C’est la guerre!
    Have a good weekend! 😀


    • John,
      I like the letting down easy headline too as I chuckled as soon as I saw it. Meanwhile, your “mindless passing of orders through the ranks” may be spot on. Hello – did anyone think about? Nope – just passed it on. Thanks for sharing.


    • Elyse,
      The article I linked about John Glenn was short, but done well … and he is a hero for many! In terms of Santorum, I wonder when he will come crashing down just like the others. Thanks for commenting.


      • We were in Venice the weekend when John Glenn went back into space. We frantically looked for a bar with CNN. In the supposedly American-oriented Harry’s Bar, we tried to explain that we wanted to see the space launch, and did they have a TV, the bar tender looked at us quizzically, motioned around to the nearly empty bar and said, “We have MUCH space.” We watched film clips at a later date :).


  9. Frank, I generally forego politics in public, but once again, you have drawn out the “peepers from the side” 🙂

    After hearing Goldwater’s daughter speaking about her father’s politics last year, I revisited his ideas and was impressed at his astute assessment of the future rocky waters of conservatism and his amazingly “liberal” POV’s on some matters.

    As a tech person, a special thanks to Mags for the Urinal Wii game – it parallels my husband’s shocked encounter of watching a guy carrying on a business discussion on cell phone while actively “participating” in the men’s room!

    Finally, I was aware of Andrew Sullivan’s view of Obama’s “long game” and found it intensely interesting and worth keeping in mind as we move along in “political time.” Thanks for linking to this.


    • Lynn,
      I simply try not to be obnoxious about politics – although I have my moments. Then again, some of the high partisan don’t care for the objective middle. Glad you enjoyed the Urinal Wii … hope you showed your husband. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


    • Spinny,
      I have questions about the duck headline. Was the duck only interested in one person’s bread who happened to be from the area, thus ignoring the others (some of whom were out-of-towners OR was the duck only interested in the man’s bread, thus ignoring other things as what the man was saying, wearing, and whoever accompanied him. Oh the questions – thanks for stimulating the thought!


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