On a Disclosure

Each of us have our share of personal quirks, so it’s time for me to come clean on one – and it’s a contradiction.

In some ways I like secrets. Such as, my wife and I are on the phone (she’s at work) and she asks, “What’s for dinner?”, and I typically answer, “It’s a surprise/secret!”

I’m also one who doesn’t commonly disclose my birthday. For instance, years ago our department chair was passing around a list for us to sign, and I entered December 7, 1941. Because President FDR called it The day that will live in infamy, so hey, that was fitting in my eyes. When that day rolled around, a colleague came to wishing me a happy birthday, and of course I truthfully denied it – which she didn’t  believe, thus pledged not to tell anyone.

Back to the contradictions. As I keep my birthday close to the vest, I’m also one who gets down a little when people close to me who know my birthday either forget or greet me early. As my wife will tell you, if we go out to dinner for my birthday, it must be on my birthday; otherwise it will have much less significance. Yep, birthday wishes/calls should be on my birthday, not early and not late – well, except under special circumstances

No, today is not my birthday, but before my month ends, I need to have a birthday post. Maybe someday I will get past my quirk, but it won’t be in 2012. Besides, I will do a post about 59 sometime during the year. So, in the spirit of the contradiction and full disclosure, here I am!

46 thoughts on “On a Disclosure

  1. Funny post. Great photo. I’m the same way about birthdays. I don’t tell people when my birthday is either. I don’t mind telling my age. It’s odd because with most people it’s the other way around. I’ll have to remember Dec 7 – day of infamy. I might have to share that fictional birthday with you. 🙂


    • Mobius,
      Glad to know that we will share the birthday. Interesting, the person in charge of the meeting was (and still is) several years older than me … and said nothing and published it. Thanks for commenting.


  2. If only we could carbon date the digital photograph, we could figure out your age.

    As for birthdays, the thing that bugs me about mine is that it is in January just after all the holidays, and I have kept trying with my step-son to swap mine with his in July, to no avail. I at least do get to blow out the candles in the dark.


    • Randel,
      To the contrary, I don’t hide my age. Here’s a post I did at the beginning of this month. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/on-58/ Meanwhile, if you like that one, see Categories > Numbers in the sidebar.

      I know what you mean regarding having a birthday relatively close to the holidays. For my wife and I, within 6 weeks we have my birthday, her birthday, and our anniversary. In other words, too much together! Thanks for commenting.


  3. Cute cute cute. Hey don’t we all have pet peeves. Mine is I hate men wearing baseball hats unless they are playing the game or at an actual game. I am a big card sender and I make sure it arrives the day before or on peoples birthdays. Of now that I am fast approaching 50 next month …I hope people have a kind wish for me. Although I am boycotting …this birthday. A little touch number for me, 40 was no issue this one kinda of bites.


  4. But – if you don’t reveal your birthday THIS year, we’ll never know, ’cause the world’s gonna END on December 21st! (Not my birthday, but it WILL keep me from turning 50! 😉 ) So c’mon, don’t let us spin off into Armageddon in the dark! (Wait – wouldn’t Armageddon be dark by definition? Aw, you know what I mean!) {D


  5. My “birthday post” will be next month…and it’s for a BIG one! My coping strategy is to absolutely make sure everyone I know KNOWS I expect to be treated very well! 🙂 And if they don’t, I plan to pout! Debra


  6. Just look at that handsome bundle of joy in that photo :). Well.. since you won’t tell me your birthday (which is fine.. secrets can be fun :)), I will just send you a HUGE BIRTHDAY WISH for all of FEBRUARY!! Well I had to do something since you sent me a wonderful birthday wish too 🙂


  7. As a matter of fact you posted this on my birthday. I can tell you now, since it’s no longer so. Although, I find great pleasure in secrets too, but my birthday is not one of them. But I liked your post, particular your practical joke of choosing The day that will live in infamy


  8. Cute Baby picture looks so Joyful. I agree is is nice to hear the Birthday greeting on your Birthday. I have a Birthday coming up I’ll probably try and ignor it because I’m not sure what else I would do.Some Birthdays make me crankeir is that word? Some Birthdays make me crankeir than others.


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