On a Paper without Salt

I hope everyone had a good weekend, so a Monday greetings to all! Gads – I know that some hate we morning types.

A different weekend for me since my wife is cruising the Caribbean without me – Duh – What’s up with that! But hey, I made the best of the weekend by some ballroom dance, a salsa pattern workshop, a delightful evening with two friends (which include wine and deep discussion), plus attending a party for my great-nephews first birthday. Come to think of it, he reminds me of the person is yesterday’s post. Meanwhile, on to your Monday Morning Entertainment.

Last week featured an artist making outstanding art with a salt shaker and a piece of paper. For this week, what if we take away the salt? Watch and tell me what you think, plus about your weekend. I hope everyone has a good week. Thanks Kay for finding this video.