On a Reblog with Mimo

Mimo is something that I am not, a skilled photographer. She lives in New York, was born in Lebanon, and loves to travel. In this blog she ties together the people and life in a way that allows the reader to reflect on their own life while learning about the life of others. Here’s a sample involving her beloved Lebanon. Meanwhile, you should know that she just started Egypt. I encourage you to visit and if you comment, please tell her Frank set you. And yes, maybe I will see you in her trip to Egypt.

Mimo Khair Creative

When I started this project I wrongly assumed that a story such as mine with my Lebanon could be told with 29 photographs and 29 small writings. With every passing day I could see that life does not work like that. The stories that came to my mind and married with my photographs each day barely scratched the surface of the immensity that life in Lebanon was to me. Life engraves lines in us, each experience life changing, each event leaving its unique signature on our aging skin. No aging face is designed like any other, in the same way that no life is like another and no fingerprint is the same.

I met this lady in the street while in Beirut, her name is Aida, she could not tell me for sure how old she was and she sold cigarettes for a living. Her lines are evidence to a…

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