On Super Tuesday Campaign Shorts

Super Tuesday 2012 is upon us – the day awarding more delegates than have been awarded to date. Being an Ohioan, the day after will be a great day to celebrate the circus leaving town. After all, they will return for fall campaign to flood Ohio with ads. Oh well – here are a variety of campaign notes in the shorts.

Since politics belongs to the people who vote, would the GOP race be different if more people were voting?

Mitt Romney will do better today than many anticipate.Here in Ohio, Rick Santorum’s 7-9% lead from last week has vanished. With his name missing from a significant number of ballots in this state, I wonder about the polls accurately assessing the vote; therefore, I say Romney gets the most votes and delegates.

A Gingrich win in Georgia will be insignificant.

The longer the GOP primary continues, the further the candidates move to the right with hopes of attaining the gold ring. Because presidential candidates win elections by capturing the center, it will be interesting to see how the eventual nominee backtracks with hopes of capturing the center.

Here are two interesting polls:

Politico’s Battleground Poll (plus each party’s analysis)
Purple Poll: February 2012

Santorum’s streak of focusing on social issues has and will continue to work in Romney’s favor.

As candidates, especially Mitt Romney, keep saying the same thing, using the same speech, the same lines, the same answers to different questions …. zzzzzzz

Gov. Romney is so robotic, that most of his stumbles occur when he goes off script.

Here’s an interesting line from a local campaign flyer promoting a slate: … they are not the incumbent candidates, nor have they held paid political office before. If any of them wins, do they realize that both aspect of that statement will do longer be true?

From William Galston, Brookings Institute (Entire column)

It is societies such as ours, badly divided and obsessed with the present, that most need communal ties. But they are the least likely to produce them. … Indeed, in these circumstances, only a steady appeal to common sense and common decency has any hope … But it’s still an open question whether our leaders have the fortitude to make, and our citizens the disposition to hear, such an appeal.

From columnist David Brooks (entire column)

Without real opposition, the wingers go from strength to strength. Under their influence, we’ve had a primary campaign that isn’t really an argument about issues. It’s a series of heresy trials in which each of the candidates accuse the others of tribal impurity. Two kinds of candidates emerge from this process: first, those who are forceful but outside the mainstream; second, those who started out mainstream but look weak and unprincipled because they have spent so much time genuflecting before those who despise them.

As the GOP refers to President Obama as an elitist, what if each of them had more college degrees? I appreciate these words from columnist Kathleen Parker. (entire column)

Santorum elected to pander to the idea that ignorance beats an education that might lead one to become an elite. His words, in addition to being false, were, dare we say, rather snobbish. How else to characterize speaking to people as though they aren’t capable of recognizing truth — or that their children aren’t smart enough to go to college and, grasping the flaws of liberalism, stay true to the conservative values with which they were raised?

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24 thoughts on “On Super Tuesday Campaign Shorts

  1. Thinking about GOP politics leaves me nearly (but not quite) speechless. Brooks is right, the GOP have only themselves to blame. Why they let the radical right hijack the party is a mystery.
    Santorum’s remarks about higher education just baffle the mind. He seems to have resisted the liberal indoctrination one receives at a university not once but three times. I guess he’s made of tougher stuff than the rest of us.


    • Nancy,
      Speechless is a good one. Standard Republicans are shaking their head, but in the end, they will vote for the nominee no matter who it is. In terms of Santorum, once he got some momentum he decide to expand his talking points – thus his dip. Thanks for thoughts!


  2. Hi,
    We have our State election coming up on the 24th March, here in the part of OZ that I live in. I found it best to keep away form the TV for awhile, the spin from all sides is driving me nuts. 😀
    Good luck with your elections, no doubt you are also getting political spin from all sides. 🙂


    • Mags,
      No matter the medium, political spin drives rational people up the wall! Good luck with your elections and thanks for reinforcing that crazy politics is across the globe. Thanks for commenting.


  3. Here it is compulsory to vote. If you don’t, they fine you. I really don’t know what system is better. I guess where you are the public has to be coerced into voting. Here we complain that because it’s compulsory, idiots with no clue can end up putting the wrong people in power.


    • Spiced,
      I didn’t know about the Aussie compulsory vote until about 5 years ago when we were cruising and an Australian couple and their daughter were at our dinner table. Since he was very proud of the fact, I have thought about this on more than one occasion – thus the key points you have mentioned. Thanks for mentioning this because I imagine others don’t know.


  4. is romney still singing “america, the beautiful” on the campaign trail? he was repeating that at each site early in the race. he latest addition to the daily script is the part of the declaration of independence in which, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    he follows this up with points about god, then claims that obama is “waging a war on religion.” i would love to challenge romney and explain to him that the reason it says “creator” and not “god” is because the founding fathers were not christian – as the GOP like to shout – they were deists. they specifically used “creator” in order to avoid bringing religion into the mix. gingrich has also been repeating this line, and he seems to be appearing in a lot of churches lately. but that might be because he’s due for another marriage.


    • RMV,
      Newt is a nonfactor – well, outside of selling books. I’m having a hard time finishing a comment about Mi … zzzzzz …..

      Awake now … but lost my thought. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  5. I’ll be happy when, as your wrote, the circus leaves town for a little while. My telephone has been ringing off the hook for the past week or so. Robo-calls. Sheesh.

    Great quotes, Frank. 🙂


    • Izzie,
      Well, you don’t get all the excitement of the day in Texas as we get in Ohio. Then again, hope the phone stops ringing soon … although this afternoon hasn’t been too bad. Thanks for commenting.


  6. Frank, looks like it’s head to head for Romney and Santorum there in Ohio. It’s going to be a long night for the pundits.

    I can understand how tiring it must there for you there. With a long primary like this one all their speeches, all their debate answers all become the same. So what do they do once they’ve exahusted their abilities to offer anything new…?

    Well what does Mitt do? He carpet-bombs his opponents and voters with negative advertising. This I think gives us a very good idea what Romney’s strategy will be come the general election… he’s gonna put all his eggs into negative advertising. BUT look how much money he’s been putting into that to date. If the primary keeps going well after tonight will he have the money to keep that up? It’s questionable especially given all the money the Democrats and Obama are pulling and just sitting on…waiting.

    So how is it there on the ground so to speak? Are the local TV station clamouring all over one another to get the biggest scoop?


    • Mashed,
      We have have been bombed by tv ads, robocalls, and mailings. We will get a break until the onslaught starts for November. Locals news hasn’t been too bad, but the candidates do get coverage when they come to the area. SW Ohio (Cincinnati area) is a GOP stronghold, so today’s results will mean something to the party. If you see a county breakdown, see Hamilton, Butler, Warren, and Clermont. BTW … come to cincinnati.com

      Meanwhile (being a CNN watcher), I noticed they had at least two reporters in town today.

      Mitt has the campaign money and the organization, thus carpet bombing is a good description. On the other hand, while he predominately stays on script, he also relies on the others – or as I’ve said – keep them talking. Santorum’s recent fall coincides with his sudden venture into social issues, church & state, etc.

      Interestingly, the presidential ballot had two sections: The first to vote for the candidate, the second for the delegate (listed by candidate name). I believe Santorum was on the presidential ballot statewide, but he was NOT on the delegate ballot in all districts. Thus I wonder if he could win the popular vote but get less delegates … but I don’t believe he will win the popular.

      Meanwhile – hope this helps. Thanks for the comment.


  7. Let’s take the Aussie approach and spin it American style. Take all the Super Pac money and all the other money and give it to Americans after they vote–A new incentive style program.

    On a more serious note, the parties should do away with the primaries. My state, Wisconsin, came up with the idea a 100 years ago. The smoke filled rooms produced Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and others that turned out to be really good presidents. Left-threaded bolts and right-turning wing nuts would be left at the doors.


  8. Thanks Frank for keeping the reader’s digest version of the laughable political goings-on available. Returning to work and Seattle weather after two weeks of of the tropics puts me in the right frame of mind to see it for what it’s really worth. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…
    Thanks again!



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