On Frick and Frack

Some may associate Frick and Frack as two Swiss ice skaters who were part of the Ice Follies. Others think of the Tappet Brothers and their successful NPR show (Car Talk). To be honest, this post is not about any of these four individual, but about an energy extraction process known as fracking.

With the Election 2012 campaign in full swing, we hear our share of information about energy sources. Three interesting articles recently appeared in the Cincinnati paper. Whereas the first one is less opinionated, college professors wrote the other two – and yep, the second counters the first.

I often think about my father-in-law getting frustrated about the global warming debate because he simply wonders how the topic can be so polarizing. In other words, what does the data tell us? Of course, it’s which data and which interpretation, as well as going with data that supports one’s belief system while poo-pooing the other data. It seems to me that fracking is going down the same road. Enjoy the reading. What do you think?