Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 130

On Politics
As Mitt Romney won the total votes and delegate count in the Ohio primary, interestingly Rick Santorum won 69 of Ohio’s 88 counties; however, Romney won the metropolitan areas. Interestingly, the Romney pattern follows President Obama’s pattern in both the 2008 Ohio primary and 2008 general election.

With Rick Santorum referring to President’s Obama hope of people going to college as elitist, here is an interesting view of his position.

The GOP evangelical vote continues to interest me because of the way this group of Republicans incorporate one of the greatest liberals in human history. Here’s an interesting read at CNN’s Belief Blog.

As advertisers leave the Rush Limbaugh Show, given the number of listeners, I’m more curious about the advertisers that are filling the void and which return after the dust settles.

I expected Sarah Palin to defend Rushbo and blame the lamestream media. Meanwhile, seeing the latest movie about The Nincompoop (Game Change) would be a waste of my time, money, integrity, and sensibility.

In the race for the GOP nomination for Ohio Ninth District House of Representative seat, Joe the Plumber beats Steve the Auctioneer.

Leave it to The Onion for this awesome Super Tuesday campaign report. WARNING: Any Republican without a sense of humor should not watch the video … and I voted (and have been voting) in the GOP primary.

On Headlines from The Onion
Player Reports to Spring Training Exactly the Right Amount Overweight
Road-Kill Squirrel Remembered as Frantic, Indecisive
Girlfriend Changes Man into Someone She is not Interested In
Rick Steves Cleaned Out by Gypsies
Fiery Explosion from Daytona 500 Donated to NASCAR Hall of Fame
Guy from Pringles Ad Convicted on Law and Order

Interesting Reads
Fast-Running Robot
Peaceful Transition in Yemen
The Rise of a Master: Michaelangelo
Why Culture is in Our Genes
The Visual Planets in the March Sky
Cool Pics of Recent Solar Flares

On Potpourri
Nicknames of sport teams cover a wide range, yet, many are more common than others. Earlier this week, this sports headline caught my eye: Jackrabbits Leaps over Leathernecks.

Worthy Dolt of the Year Nominations: Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh

Although these Christians are preaching against Islam, they do not speak for all Christians.

When I see bloggers ask evolution (science) or creation (religion), I wonder why there are only two choices.

I will have a post this weekend.

To send us into the weekend, this is a great clip of impressionist Steve Bridges with President George W. Bush. RIP Mr. Bridges. Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

35 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 130

  1. Rush will get the sponsors back. Just as Imus got his job back too. Interesting why don’t the press comment on the disgusting remarks of Bill Marher?we all know why..but it’s cool for Obama to take 1million from this discusting guy towards his campaign …hypercritical…ya.


    • Kellie,
      Interestingly, I’ve seen the press call out Bill Maher this week. On the other hand, it is (in his case) after the fact. In terms of his political contribution, he made to the Super PAC – and in theory, the candidate has no contact with the it and the Super PAC has no contact with the candidate – that is, they act independently of each other. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I’m interested in finding out some peoples’ opinions. Do you think that Obama will win the election again? Or do you think that another candidate may end up winning?


    • Wes,
      Here’s the pragmatic answer from the host here – President Obama will either win or lose – that makes it a 50-50 chance, and we will know once the votes are counted. Can another candidate win? Yes – a 50-50 chance. Although Republicans will rally around their nominee in order to remove President Obama, Democrats will rally around him – which all means how will the independents vote. Well, a third of them will vote Republican, a third Democratic, which leaves a third of independents deciding the election. With that said, it’s March … and many events can happen between now and November. Thanks for visiting.


  3. rush limpdick doesn’t matter. he’ll keep his moronic listeners, and some sponsors will probably go back. if limpdick wasn’t around, the moronic listeners would just listen to another bloviating pile of shit. what does matter is the reaction of the rethuglicans. none of them (other than those like michael steele and steve schmidt who are now paid talking heads) came out to say that what rushbo said was disgusting and uncalled for. they’re scared to death of him. people have to wonder if the rethugs are working for the american people or for rush limpdick.


    • Nonnie,
      Woo hoo! It’s the Queen of the Raisins. 🙂 Glad to see you again and I hope all is well.

      GOP silence will hurt them in the short run, but being only March, many will forget. Nonetheless, I appreciated George Will’s comment on last week’s This Week: “House Speaker John Boehner comes out and says Rush’s language was inappropriate. Using the salad fork for your entrée, that’s inappropriate. Not this stuff. And it was depressing because what it indicates is that the Republican leaders are afraid of Rush Limbaugh. They want to bomb Iran, but they’re afraid of Rush Limbaugh.”

      But didn’t Michael Steele even backtracked?

      Meanwhile, I continue not to listen to Rush and I’ve typed his name too many times this week … and I can count the number on my fingers. Thanks for visiting as I’ve missed you!


  4. INMO, Wes B, I do think President Obama will win again and I think his second term will be a productive one. (My husband thinks Obama will win by a landslide, and before you ask, we’ve voted Republican half as much as we’ve voted for Democrates, so we’re not entrenched in any one party.) I think this because in the end I don’t think the candidates that are being offered by the Republicans have the vision that is needed to lead us forward in a global context. We’ve seen just in the last several weeks that given half the chance, someone like Santorum would pull us back to the 1950’s regarding women’s health issues and someone like Gingrich would undermine so many of the gains by minorities that I fought for. As far as Romney, our entire country would take several steps backwards. I’m not pleased with how much depth we’re in as a country (that has got to be dealt with) but nothing can be done about the debt if the leader signed a pledge to that Norquist guy that overrides that leader’s pledge to me as the voter.

    Anyway, Frank, loved the Belief Net article. I just finished writing my blog this week and I feel slimed dealing with all the Limbaugh stuff. I needed perspective. Cheers!


    • E-Tom,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughtful answer with Wes because the GOP has done a good job of alienating a good number of people that could have been their vote. I’m glad to hear that you found something interesting in my reads this week. That was actually one of my last finds. Meanwhile, I’ll be over to read yours soon. BTW – in case you missed it, you may enjoy the pics on the following post. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/on-a-wave/

      Have a good weekend and thanks for commenting!


  5. I think Obama will win, due to the GOP candidates ripping away at each other. My wife even heard something about the Tea Party wanting to split off of the GOP – if they do that, conservative politics will be ineffectual for at least a decade. Short of some huge man-made or natural disaster (watch out for those comets and asteroids!), I don’t think Obama can screw up enough to lose. I’m more worried about what kind of mess we’ll get in the next Congress.
    Speaking of disasters, Sunday marks the one-year anniversary of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. And for you naturalists and tree-huggers (file me in the second category, cause I love trees), there is a lone pine tree that survived the tsunami. The BBC has covered it on their TV news, so it’s probably out on http://www.BBCNews.com. (Hope I didn’t trample your weekend post, Frank! )


    • John,
      I accept the GOP beating itself up because that’s part of the primary process. On the other hand, the continual shift to the right as part of the process could hurt the eventual nominee … and I still maintain it will be Mitt. In terms of the Tea Party split, personally, I hope they do .. but time will tell.

      Thanks for the reminder of the one year anniversary. Here’s a short video about the tree. Thanks for sharing John!


  6. On Limbaugh….he feeds on attention and negativity, and we, as a nation, have certainly been giving him a lot of both. That’s a win for him. He only loses if we decide he lacks the ability to offend and outrage us. Orwell would probably have had some interesting thoughts on this.


  7. Hi,
    I had a hard time deciding about The Onion this week, not much to choose from at all. 😦
    So I will go with:
    “Girlfriend Changes Man into Someone She is not Interested In”
    But I had a laugh at the video, good find.

    Sounds like you are all getting more spin from your politicians over there, we get the same here, it would be nice if even just once there could be a debate without the spin, regardless of what country you live in, but I think this maybe too much to ask for.


  8. You don’t have to go back as far as Jesus. Reagans legacy has been rewritten already to fit the current narrative.

    Loved the press conference video!

    Have a great weekend, Frank


    • Guapo,
      For whatever reason, there seems to be a good number of people who like to revise history. And yes – the video was a hoot! …. and I applaud President Bush for being a good sport at this event. Thanks for commenting.


    • Debra,
      I didn’t know much about Mr Bridges until I saw a clip from the event in the video … and this cracked me up. Since I was able to find it on YouTube, the time was right to use it. Thanks for commenting.


  9. Great post and good article on Educational Elitism. Attention Kellie:
    I’d like to make a distinction between Bill Maher and Rush LImbaugh. Both can say horrible things and it’s their right. But Maher started as a stand-up comedian and shines his light on those who choose to be in the public spotlight. Also, as a comedian, he has license to say outrageous things for laughs. He doesn’t start every show with “I’m the Voice of Liberal Thought”. Rush makes similar statements to offend because it gets him ratings. He thinks he’s funny, and because he isn’t and never was a stand-up comedian, doesn’t understand the fine line between crafting statements with irony, using timing as a humorous device, or how to properly cross a line to be funny. In other words, he’s like the worst comedian you never saw in the Catskills.
    His desire to be taken seriously too (unlike Maher) and his attack on those who don’t choose to be public figures back-fired in a major way because he doesn’t realize the difference.
    Here’re the rules: If you take the liberty of making up something about someone else (i.e. she’s a whore, she’s a slut) then I can talk about your tiny limp penis. Comedians understand this. But Rush doesn’t, because he’s not funny. And that’s why he’s in trouble.


    • Spinny,
      I’ve got to admit, that is a good one. Each one of these cracks me up in a different way. Maybe this week I will have a Wednesday collection for some mid-week satire. Thanks for commenting.


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