On Genuine, Versatile, and Kreative

Let’s face it – bloggers passing around awards is a way of promoting other bloggers. I admit that I enjoying following a list that someone provides. After all, I have found some of my regular readers this way – and discovered some of my regular haunts in blogging world’s equivalent of a chain letter.

In recent months, I have received another Versatile Awards from Sandy and Lolabees, Kreative Awards from Elyse and Nadine; plus to be honest, I apologize if I forgot someone; and I cannot forget the Genuine Blogger Award from Izzie. Thanks fellow bloggers.

Since last fall, I have done my share of trolling around other sites. Enjoying a variety of topics helps, but I enjoy also enjoy sites where the author interacts with all guests … and I most enjoy those who also reciprocate visits. Yet, I also know that everyone has limited time.

Here are some interesting sites that some of your may enjoy visiting, but I give you these sites without obligating the host to continue the chain. One can find a few of these in my sidebar, but most are not. These are good sites and most of the authors interact with those commenting. Visit them … and tell them A Frank Angle sent you.


Life and Times

Photography and Writing
Photographers tend to do a variety styles in their posts. See these for starters.

Food, Style, Music, and Travel