Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 131

On Politics
America is such a great land of opportunity and freedom, we can elect a senator who recently said this about global warming, “The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what he is doing in the climate is, to me, outrageous.” Meanwhile, he is also a ranking member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. (From The Hill)

Directing faults to Bill Maher and his past comments does not clear Rush Limbaugh of any blame of his own doing.

I’m not sure which Romney comment caused a greater frown: The trees are the right height (Michigan), or his recent Mornin’ y’ll and grits reference (Alabama). Who is writing and approving his script?

Columnist Kathleen Parker had two good reads: One regarding the GOP and women, and the other about campaigning in the South.

I’ve seen several polls that over 50% of the public believes the US President is responsible for rising gas prices, which also means that many people need to read my past post about gas prices.

On Headlines from The Onion
Government Admits to Hiding Embarrassingly Lame 1973 ET Encounter
Border Agent Tossed Rocks Over Fences Separating Rock Family that have been Legally in this Country
Neighbor Apparently a Binocular Nut
Lying Asshole Fired for No Reason
Doctors Modify Beer Helmet to Deliver Intravenous Live Cirrhosis Medicine
Obama Waiting for Perfect Moment to Walk by White House Tour

Interesting Reads
How to be Creative
Good News about the Viruses in Your Genes
March Guide to Visible Planets
Congress member turned Lobbyist: How much is the pay raise?

On March Madness
The mania around the college basketball tournament has begun. My hopes for winning lies in ABK – Anybody But Kentucky.

I have my MA from the University of Cincinnati, so the more wins by the Bearcats, the better – but I don’t anticipate them surviving this weekend. Bowling Green, my alma mater, has not been in the tournament since 1968, which is the 13th longest dry spell in the country. Ouch!

Two suggestions for the committee that they won’t take: 1) At-large teams must have a record above .500 in their own league; 2) No First-Four play-in game for automatic qualifiers.

On Potpourri
Bowling alleys in churches are disappearing. Who would have thunk it?

Earlier this week marked the 70th anniversary about the penicillin’s first use. Here is a a reflection about the event and a story about the first survivor.

Cool pictures: World’s Coolest Staircases, Recent Solar Flares

I will have a post this weekend.

To send us into the weekend, (thanks to Xandi at World Music) here is a unique song from Egypt. I don’t know what they are saying, but this is creative. Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


30 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 131

  1. I agree with your point on no play in games for automatic qualifiers as we agree about no tourny for those who finish below .500 in their conference unless they win their conference Tournament.


  2. It’s probably the same in the USA but here in Australia global warming is being taught in primary schools and the high schools as a proven science. My seven-year-old came home yesterday telling me all about it and asked why I don’t believe in it. I told him, ‘because it’s a theory and has not been proven’. I don’t mind them teaching it, but I do mind them teaching it as a truth. xx


    • Spiced,
      I imagine global warming is taught here … and I’m sure there are groups of parents serving as watchdogs on how it is taught, and even readying themselves for the challenge so they can turn it into either a political or a religious viewpoint. However, I would emphasize three points:

      1) As opposed to looking at the numbers as a whole and purely the numbers, both sides want to emphasize the numbers that support their point.

      2) Whenever science establishes something that something doesn’t agree with doesn’t make science wrong.

      3) Many people misuse “theory” as an opinion or a guess. Since it is neither, theories are a structure of ideas that explain and interpret numerous facts about a concept – thus, well beyond a personal opinion or a detective’s hunch. Scientists base theories on a large amount of evidence that has been extensively tested and observed in nature.

      Just some thoughts for you to ponder. Thanks for visiting and sharing.


  3. Hi,
    Some interesting headlines this week as well. 😀

    “Government Admits to Hiding Embarrassingly Lame 1973 ET Encounter”
    I would definitely like to know a lot more about this encounter, sounds like the powers that be stuffed up yet again. 😆

    “Border Agent Tossed Rocks Over Fences Separating Rock Family that have been Legally in this Country”
    Seems a bit rude to me.

    “Doctors Modify Beer Helmet to Deliver Intravenous Live Cirrhosis Medicine”
    Well this is good news, it is about time they invented something that was useful for all mankind. 😀


  4. I think you’ve made a mistake – surely the article about bowling alleys in churches disappearing belongs in The Onion roundup?? Surely this can’t be serious! Lol! On another note, I am utterly fascinated by the World’s Coolest Staircases. Thanks for giving me a great way to waste 15 minutes at work 😀


    • Guapo,
      … and The Onion has had some good ones recently about the GOP candidates … and I imagine they will have a field day in the fall campaign. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by!


  5. Great post as usual Frank. Just saw Garrison K in Bezerkely–the guy is unbelievable at 70 years old-2 straight hours of songs and reparte, all eloguent, melodic and clever. He looks like a rotten pumpkin that someone stepped on, but he was onstage with a beautiful woman singer and a pianist, and the women behind me were swooning.
    What a stud.
    Onion favorite:Lying Asshole fire for no-reason.


    • Les,
      Keillor is a legend to many through his PBS time. Love your description. BTW – his 10-minute Writers’ ALmanac on NPR is outstanding! Meanwhile, the firing headline is a very good one – but I have the Youngest Person Born (who by way is not longer the youngest person. Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  6. Wow, this made my day! I love Räi music, and they are amazing! There is usually a political theme, and the flags and their diversity suggest to me that the song may be about peace and unity… I’ll try to learn more. Thanks again for letting me know about City-Band… 😀


  7. You want March Madness? Try 2000 record high temperatures set across the country this past week. Try a week of upper 70s temps around where I live, with highs above 80 degrees both Friday and today (Saturday). In MARCH!!!
    And I have to agree, that 1973 ET episode was rather lame. Catch the movie “Paul” – a FAR better “ET” moment. 😀


  8. Love the video, Frank – thanks, Xandi!

    Great article on creativity. I always think of it as a balance, like walking right foot, left foot. In this case, right brain, left brain. Learn your craft, then forget about it and move into intuitive mode. Most of my composition students either don’t want to do the disciplined work or can’t stop criticizing themselves. They start to do great work when they find the sweet spot between either extreme.


    • Lynn,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with musical composition student and the great example of using the shifting balance along the way to accomplishing something unique and creative. Glad you enjoyed the video too. Thanks for commenting.


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