On a Flashback for Monday

Those of us living in the eastern half of the US are having a big WOW moment regarding the ongoing streak of unseasonable weather. This is crazy – absolutely crazy – but we’ll take it!

We had a good weekend. Many thanks for all the birthday greetings for my wife – something she appreciated. We went for a nice dinner Friday night, plus hit the ballroom scene Friday and Saturday night, plus dinner with her parents on Sunday. How was your weekend?

(12:15 am addition): Woo hoo! UC Bearcats win on to the Sweet 16 with three other teams from this state!!! Toss in a few other teams from the region, it’s a happenin’ here!

This Monday Morning Entertainment feature uses a time machine to transport us all back to the late 1960s. Les, a visitor here and author of Best Bathroom Books, actually inspired this post. I’m sure he’s scratching his head at this mere thought, but knowing that he is a drummer sparked this song to go off in my head. Enjoy this tune and the trip back in time that it offers. Oh – and I still have this tune on a vinyl LP.

Have a great week.