On Satire News Bits: Vol. 10

This week I’ve been keeping the posts on the light side, so hey – the perfect opportunity for a mid-week dose of satire courtesy of The Onion. Which is your favorite?

New Social Media Startup Claims to be a Cross between Facebook and Facebook

Smoking Speeds Mental Decline

Area Woman Becomes First Grandma Courtney

Junior Building Inspector Closes Down Area Tree House

An Unopened One-Gallon Jar of Hellmannโ€™s Mayo Quietly Expired Last Week

Disturbed Beltway Sources Report Congress Eerily Cooperative Today

Crush Last Nearly Entire Bus Ride

Fruit Flies Seek Out Alcohol

Truly Authentic Mexican Restaurant Shuts Down Immediately

Widower Replaces Dead Wife and Kids with Miniature Horses

35 thoughts on “On Satire News Bits: Vol. 10

    • Debra,
      Grandma Courtney also cracks me up … and yes, the miniature horses is both dark and funny. Oh no – we may have a similar sense of humor. Then again, I have been accused of being warped. Thanks for commenting.


  1. Oh no! An Onion roundup on Wednesday!! Well this is just going to throw the rest of the week off now. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That aside, I did chuckle a good bit at the Hellmans unglorified death….


    • Twixt,
      I’ve been occasionally tossing this in on Wednesdays. But hey – Friday will still offer some joys to close the week. Yep – the Hellman’s one get me too. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Hi,
    Not a lot to choose from this week, but I will have to go with:
    “Widower Replaces Dead Wife and Kids with Miniature Horses”
    This headline I would definitely click on to read more than the others. ๐Ÿ˜†


  3. Given the rapidly increasing economic power of social media, the details of “New Social Media Startup Claims to be a Cross between Facebook and Facebook” might be interesting.


  4. Good morning Frank….and these are ALL good! But the one which actually made me LOL, as opposed to just smiling, is ‘An Unopened One-Gallon Jar of Hellmannโ€™s Mayo Quietly Expired Last Week’.

    There’s just something about the quiet acceptance of expiration on the part of condiments which I have to admire. Just makes me want to say…Well done! : )


    • Spinny,
      Grandma Courtney is a hoot. (My wife’s fav). Regarding the widower, definitely both dark and funny. By the way, I’ve come up with a twist on these posts that I hope to debut next Wednesday! Thanks for visiting.


    • Les,
      The Onion is just a great source for stuff. About a 4-6 weeks ago a congressman came out against something The Onion posted. What a hoot! Meanwhile, the authentic Mexican restaurant gave me some chuckles too. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I’ll go for the expired mayo, only because I have a (grown) neice who diligantly protects her family by throwing out all foodstuffs –even canned goods– the minute they reach their expiration date.


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