Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 132

On Politics
Outside of the verbal gaffs, the GOP primary is becoming a snore.

Rick Santorum needs to move on to something else, but not as a mathematics teacher.

Newt Gingrich is right – Government needs new ideas. Sorry Newt – but all aren’t centered in one party/ideology. As a matter of fact, most may be outside of either party.

Oral arguments of some aspects of the US healthcare law starting next week at the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS Blog is a wonderful resources for this topic, especially posts by Lyle Denniston, who already has lately published 3 posts on this topic. I also provide a link to SCOTUS Blog in the sidebar > Resources.

On Headlines from The Onion
Long Lost Jules Verne Story Found: The Camera Phone
Study Finds Newborn Infants Can Tell if Parents are Losers
Atheists Unbless Florida Road
Greenpeace Releases Rescued Dolphins into Forest
Area Woman Loses Respect Earned Last St. Patrick’s Day
Area High School Carrying On Without 2011 Seniors

Interesting Reads
About Military Budgets
Bernacke vs. the Gold Standard
Darth Vader and Project Management
2016 Presidential Race
This Article Generating Thousands of Dollars in Ad Revenue Simply by Mentioning new iPad 

On March Madness
Go ABK … Anybody But Kentucky!

After clawing their way back into the game, my Bearcats lost to a better Ohio State team. Nonetheless, a tip of the cap to the team.

The NCAA says that graduation rates are important. BTW, did you hear about the pearl driver in Yuma, Arizona?

On Potpourri
The teaching profession has always been difficult, yet it is insanely demanding in today’s world. Here’s an interesting read: Confessions from a Bad Teacher.

See this slide show about visiting Tallinin, Estonia.

I will have a post this weekend.

Because I started the week with a Buddy Miles tune, here is another one (Dreams) from the same LP (Them Changes) to send us into the weekend. Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor; Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

39 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 132

  1. Well i have dropped in to say hullo and being the Alien in the midwest almost nothing on your page makes sense to me. ( I am Apolitical as i am not allowed to vote ..tho i agree about the snore factor ). so i will have to cruise ahead and visit some of your recommended links.. thank you frank! man i am tired, i may have to come back tomorrow.. c


  2. Hi,
    Our State election here are tomorrow, and then next month the council elections, it is never ending with the ads. Thank goodness this doesn’t go on for months for us.

    Good headlines.
    “Long Lost Jules Verne Story Found: The Camera Phone”
    This is possible you know with Jules Verne. 🙂

    “Study Finds Newborn Infants Can Tell if Parents are Losers”
    Well of course infants can, they have been listening to their parents argue for nearly 9 months. 😆

    “Greenpeace Releases Rescued Dolphins into Forest”
    I always knew there was something fishy going on in the forest. 😀

    I also enjoyed the video. 😀


  3. On politics – we need a genuine Green Party.
    On travel – Would love to travel to Estonia or any of the baltic states for that matter..
    On music – Buddy Miles RULES!!! Made my day 🙂


  4. Great graphs on the defense budgets. Wow. Very enlightening.
    Had a great dinner with friends and discussed politics. My republican friends are so deflated with their choices.
    I guess we all have to comprimise…


  5. I agree with your take on GOP…it’s become odd to me! I do pay as much attention to it all as I can, but it’s like watching paint dry. Thank you for the SCOTUS blog suggestion. I’m interested! Another great music selection, Frank. You have great taste! Debra


  6. Great Friday Shorts post Frank! The SCOTUS Blog and Lyle Denniston’s posts will be must-reads for me in the coming weeks as the U.S. Supreme Court decides the fate of Obamacare. As to your snore problem with the GOP, I found their “etch a sketch” antics this week quite entertaining. Also enjoyed the Buddy Miles video with Buddy’s wonderful singing voice and the psychedelic dancing of the era. Buddy has always been one of my favorite rock/funk drummers and his many musical collaborations with Jimi Hendrix and also his contributions to the Cheech & Chong movies rank him among the all time greats. FAR OUT, MAN!


    • Tim,
      I was hoping you would catch the SCOTUS note. In terms of etch-a-stretch, that’s a good description of Mitt Romney. Glad you appreciated my choice of some Buddy Miles music! Thanks for commenting.


  7. My Australian brother-in-law was out from NYC this week. He drove his father’s vintage car around all week then found out his licence was cancelled month’s ago because he failed to vote in the last State election. Who knew they have that power! xx


  8. As always, an excellent little Friday morning diversion! 🙂 I especially enjoyed the 2016 presidential race look-ahead (because, as you pointed out, this one’s turning out to be rather boring). Conversely, I can’t say I really “enjoyed” the teaching article, but instead it concerned me and made me think deeply about the way we our running our education system.


    • Twixt,
      Interestingly, I mentioned the 2016 election, then a few days later … POW … the Ruth Marcus column. A re-election in November would make 2016 interesting. Then again, being in a swing state – YIKES – a lot from both parties.

      The teacher’s perspective is interesting … and one that I am well aware. Who knows how many times I nodded my head when reading it. Then again, I’m more reform minded than most. Here’s something from my archives you may enjoy. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2009/09/10/on-school-reform-the-difficulties/ … thanks for stopping by.


    • Brains,
      Yep – I also understand the teacher’s column. Not that long ago a former colleague and I were discussing what it be like to be start teaching today. YIKES! Thanks for commenting.


      • i could have stayed another 5 years, built up a bigger pension, and it would have been relatively easy because of my seniority and experience. but i also know it would have been too easy to be one of those teachers i used to criticize. the ones who put it on “cruise control,” don’t grow with the industry, look the other way, etc. my school had too many problems with adminstrative errors and incompetence. i tried to lend my knowledge and expertise, but they’d just say, “yeah, thanks, go away, we got this.” and i’d say, “if you really did, then i wouldn’t be here trying to help.” so i’m taking money out of my own pocket but keeping my sanity.


    • Guapo,
      For anyone interested in following the healthcare issue at the Supreme Court, SCOTUS is a must! That Buddy Miles LP is one of my favs. I can recall trading my friend John for it oh so many moons again. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this one from the same vinyl disc.


  9. Great “shorts” as always (and a great way to start the weekend!). I was really struck by the “bad teacher” article. As schools become more and more responsible for special populations – uncontrollable kids are placed in the classroom with inadequate support help for the teacher and then their behavior is sad to be the teacher’s lack. Teacher’s are definitely a group being torn apart by “Friendly Fire”.

    Loved the onion headlines this week!


    • Beags,
      Glad you appreciated the teacher article. As the educational system continues to thump their chest about all the good, the educational system keeps falling further and further behind. Meanwhile, glad you enjoyed The Onion headlines. Thanks for commenting.


    • Alex,
      The confessions is a good read … and thanks for the kind words and for visiting. PS: Being you enjoy working with a camera, I hope you saw the pics in the reblog I posted today.


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