On Just by a Nose

Monday Morning Greetings to everyone. Hope you had a weekend bountiful with joys.

Our weekend gave us a Friday night of ballroom dance, plus an wonderful trip on Saturday to the Cincinnati Museum Center where we saw Hidden Hawaii (Omnimax Theater) and the A Day in Pompeii travelling exhibit. Interesting how both focused on life: the film about the growth of life in Hawaii, yet Pompeii was a tribute to life that has passed.

While Hidden Hawaii’s scenery was more than stunning, and the artifacts from Pompeii where incredible! Hopefully I can do a post just about the exhibit, which is on its third of four stops in its US tour. I feel lucky to have seen it!

Leading us into the Monday Morning Entertainment feature, I think of these quotes about noses.

I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out my nose.” (Woody Allen)

Go back to reform school, you little nose-picker.” (W.C. Fields)

When you are up to your nose in shit, keep you mouth shut.” (Unknown)

Have a good week everyone. Oh – the answer to the “why” question the video my spark is “Because they can.”

34 thoughts on “On Just by a Nose

    • Snaap,
      Pompeii exhibit is through Aug 12. Two suggestions: 1) If you go on the weekend, consider an advance purchase. 2) The audio tour ($4) is worth it. Anxious to here your thoughts about it. Thanks for commenting.


    • Nate,
      Welcome first-time commenter! If you are referring to the Pompeii exhibit, it is here (Cincinnati) through August 12, then it opens a run in Denver sometime in September. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting and I hope you return.


  1. Hi,
    I would of loved to have seen the Pompeii exhibit, that would of been fascinating, I had a friend that actually had Pompeii on her Itinerary, and the photos were really interesting, I seen photos that I haven’t seen before anywhere, just so amazing. You were so lucky to have been able to go to the exhibit.

    I love the quotes from Woody Allen and Unknown, both were very good. 😀
    I also enjoyed the video, and had a laugh, who would think of lighting up ones nose like that. 😆


    • Mags,
      Very fascinating. We had the audio tour supplement, so it was about 90 minutes. I didn’t realize they had a plumbing system. Being that you enjoy science, I will enjoy this video. Glad you enjoyed the nose quotes and video. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Thanks for the heads up on the “Hidden Hawaii” film at the Omnimax Theatre. It will perfectly round out an outing we’re planning for next week to see “A Day in Pompeii” and the much acclaimed exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum, “Monet in Giverny: Landscapes of Reflection.”


    • Tim,
      For your planning purposes (because you have a full day planned): purchase Pompeii in advance, see the movie before the exhibit, go straight to the exhibit (after the movie), purchase the audio ($4), exhibit takes about 90 minutes. Enjoy! …. and thanks for commenting.


    • Spiced,
      A video of us dancing? Ha ha … probably never. We do it for social fun – thus don’t participate in showcases or competitions. Besides, I’m not sure my wife and I would like want we see. Meanwhile, the Pompeii exhibit had some interesting simulations … and one of the tidal wave of ash that was the final blow to the city. Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the pear recipe I left you.


  3. I need to be careful when I read your posts in a public setting! Those quotes about noses (the last one being the clincher) ended up being too hilarious to keep my laughter in… indeed, it bursted out with a little squeak that echoed down the halls. Ah well, it seems, you’ve truly made me LOL 🙂


    • Spirit,
      The last nose quote certainly is wise and thought provoking. In terms of the ballroom, we hold our own, although I tip my cap to those in Cincinnati that are very good amateur/social dancers. Thanks for visiting.


    • Debra,
      Oddly enough, the sequence of topics in this post didn’t hit me until now. WOW! Nonetheless, I’m glad I was able to start your week … which is the intent of my Monday Morning Entertainment. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Frank; You and Mrs. Angle are WW and my kind of people. Except for the ballroom dancing–I’m still working on WW to sign up with me ’cause I can really “cut a rug.” 🙂

    WW and I loved Pompeii. It was one of our favorite tour stops last year. What I didn’t realize was just how huge the city was and how far away the destruction of the volcano could be seen when the top blew. When you look over at the mountain that is half its size now, it still gives you shudders. Looking at the bodies that had been mummified by the ask gave me the willies–I felt somehow that I had trespassed on their privacy.

    Love the fire video. What a hoot!


    • E-Tom,
      Cheers to liking the same things about life!

      Thanks for adding the great points about Pompeii. It’s some place. By the way, you will want to come back for my next post (very soon) and possible again on Thursday. Thanks for commenting.


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