Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 133

On Politics
In the past month, Rick Santorum lead in the state he served as senator, has gone from +30 to +2.

Delusional? “We are reorganizing to execute the strategy we need to win the nomination.” (Joe DeSantis, Communications Director of the Newt Gingrich Campaign after the campaign lay-offs staff)

While in Cincinnati, Karl Rove (a Republican strategist) recently proclaimed President Obama “the most vulnerable Democratic president since Jimmy Carter.” Brilliant for the partisans, but weak for the pragmatic because President Obama is the second Democratic president since President Carter.

A quote by me on another blog, “Contradictions and politicians are a better match of words than macaroni and cheese.”

If there was ever a time to broadcast the US Supreme Court, the latest healthcare hearings was it. The Court’s decision to deny broadcast has nothing to do with tradition, privacy, or obstruction. After all, there was a time when the justices rode a horse to their job. (Thank you CNN viewer for the line.)

As Reuters reports two-thirds of Americans are unhappy how President Obama is handling something he cannot control, I say a high majority of that two-thirds needs to be educated about the factors depending gas prices.

Does anyone think that the US Supreme Court Justices haven’t already made up their mind before hearing the presentations about the Affordable Care Act?

On Headlines from The Onion
Small Town Mayor Steps Down Amidst Scandal over Forged Coupon
Procrastinating Catholic 20 Rosaries Behind
Jeff Beck Lured into Dark Alley with Old-Guitar-Pick-on-a-String Trick
Boss’s Going Away Party a Little Too Jubilant
Man Died in Sleep During Terrible Nightmare
Closing of State Aviary Facilities Puts Hundred of Mentally Ill Birds on the Streets

Interesting Reads
John Avlon about the Right and the Mandate
The Foulness of the “Activist Judges” Cry
Michel Tomasky on the Freedom Fetish
Thomas Friedman about Mid-East Policy
Kathleen Parker on Moderation

On Sports
Baseball season is about to start. Ah yes, I remember the days when Major League Baseball respected and honored Cincinnati with the traditional opener. Meanwhile, there is nothing like Opening Day in Cincinnati, which is this April 5th.

In the spirit of college basketball’s Final Four weekend, I propose that college who recruit a player and then that player leaves after one year, the college loses that scholarship for 3 years (and a similar progression for year 2). Oh I forgot that NCAA leadership are eunuchs and at least as bad as, and possibly worse, than Congress.

On Potpourri

Jonas Salk tested his polio vaccine on himself and his own family. It’s fun imagining what the FDA might make of that today. But Salk’s selflessness was genuine. For one thing, neither he, nor Albert Sabin, who developed the oral version of the vaccine, ever even patented their inventions.

But Jonas Salk was not some absent-minded science nerd. He had originally gone to college to study law, and what he cared about most intensely was his fellow man. In a 1991 interview, four years before he died, Salk explained that as a young man he was never drawn to science, per se. “I was merely interested in things human, the human side of nature, if you like,” he said. “That’s what motivates me. And, in a way, it’s the human dimension that has intrigued me.” (Carl Cannon, Editor, Real Clear Politics)

The latest sensation from Britain’s Got Talent brought a tear to my eye.

Congratulations Starla for being the 9000th comment on this blog (earlier this week).

I will have a post on Saturday.

I think the video below will send you into the weekend with a smile. Have a good weekend everyone, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

40 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 133

  1. Hi,
    Not much from the onion this week. 😦 I will have to go with:

    “Closing of State Aviary Facilities Puts Hundred of Mentally Ill Birds on the Streets”
    When I first read that the first thing that came to mind was the movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock.

    Loved the video, that must of taken awhile to set all that up. 😀


  2. In thinking about this week’s U.S. Supreme Court presentations on the Affordable Care Act, I’m wondering if in our legal system judges are SUPPOSED to make up their minds in advance about cases over which they are presiding, then challenge the opposing attorneys to change their minds. If so, I have no problem with the way things played out this week.


    • Tim,
      I’ve been wondering the same thing. Thus the attorneys get a chance to put their best foot forward, followed by Q&A. Which makes me wonder how and the heck could the Solicitor General have such a lousy opening statement. Thanks for commenting.


  3. I’ll have to agree with Mags “Closing of State Aviary Facilities Puts Hundred of Mentally Ill Birds on the Streets” Living in a small town with lots of wild doves hope they don’t turn.:+)

    Thank You for the shout out 9000th commenter. After I heard that I was the 9000th commenter on your Blog the other night I found myself walking around the house saying 9000 WOW 9000 Congratualtions! I know that with my comment there are alot of posts on your part and a lot of suport to other Blogs so Thank You for that from all of US. :+) Now where’s the New Car? :+) I know it must be hidden around here some where.

    I can’t forget to mention Britains Got talent such a feel good video for a Friday. I thought good for me for not crying, but as it the video round the corner to the end such sweetness between the two of them such a great and kind story. I couldn’t help the tears.:+)


    • Starla,
      9000th comment was an interesting milestone that I happened to catch. Sure that’s a lot of comments, then again, about half of them are mine as I respond to most comments. … and yes … I can hear the Price is Right announcer emphatically saying “A new car!”

      Well said about the Britains Got Talent video … and thanks for visiting!


  4. Good morning Frank and thanks for the political wrap-up…on which I refuse to comment. 🙂

    I will say my heart goes out to all those mentally ill homeless birds. Might I suggest a Million Bird March?

    Great video…..though totally impractical for reading in bed. Have a great weekend Frank. I’m catching the Darwin exhibit at the Witte this weekend….excited about that!


    • Alex,
      Love it the line about impractical for reading in bed!!!! Million Bird March is good too! You are on a roll!!!! (Give her a Shiner Bock)

      Darwin exhibit sounds interesting. I read about it here … http://www.wittemuseum.org/index.php/component/content/article/9-geninfo/195-darwin … although i have to disagree with one little line in the promo video. It mentions Darwin discovering the theory of evolution. Nope – the theory of evolution was around long before Darwin – but he discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection. But wait … you knew all that. 😉 … Enjoy the exhibit and I hope you post about it! Thanks for commenting.


      • Yes sir…natural selection. 🙂

        And I’ll hold off on the Shiner until a nice long conversation comes along with it. As with food and coffee, the quality of the beer is greatly determined by the quality of the conversation accompanying it.


        • Very good. I’m one who tunes into misconceptions that lead to incorrect information and understand. After all, some generalize and generalization that it is no longer close to the intent. For instance, put me hot-air-does-not-rise column.And gosh knows the number of misconceptions the public (as a whole) holds about Darwin and evolution. OK …from off the mower, onto the soap box, and off it too.


  5. It seems that Britain’s Got Talent has a bit of a talent for showcasing “not much to look at”, though otherwise extremely talented, individuals. Thanks for the link!

    Also, have you heard of the Steampunk movement? Machines like the page-turner might appeal to that crowd 🙂


  6. i remember wondering, a few years ago, what happened to the traditional opening in cinncinnati before the rest of the league? it was always cool to find out who they would play. houston? mets? somebody? then i thought maybe i was imagining that because i might have just taken it for granted. thanks for fixing that memory.


    • Brains,
      Yep … in MLB’s pursuit for money, the Reds either couldn’t be bought out. thus protecting tradition, and/or MLB said tough, money wins! When Marge Schott was running the team, MLB got the Reds to open Sunday night … and that idea didn’t go well here. Since that point, Cincinnati maintains its traditions but without being the league opener. Many of said this statement (as well as I here), “There is no place like Opening Day in Cincinnati.” Thanks for stopping by and asking.


  7. Whenever I’m down, I can usually come here for a good laugh or to be inspired. Today, I was aggravated.. until I saw this “Small Town Mayor Steps Down Amidst Scandal over Forged Coupon” LOL. I love your space Frank


  8. I really enjoy your weekly political observations. You find the ironic and the impossible! And I do think the Justices have indeed already formulated their opinion on the Healthcare Provisions. When I can I would like to read your links…I need to find a system for copying them into another folder and getting to them as I can! It interests me to see what you choose out of a week that is so filled with “material”–but where to focus! The quote “Contradictions and politicians are a better match of words than macaroni and cheese” is just the best! The page turner is good example for describing California politics…if there is an easy way or a hard way, our politicians will be glad, even proud, to show you the hard way 🙂 Have a good weekend, Frank. I’ll probably see you tomorrow! Debra


    • Debra,
      You have just made my day by being the only person who commented about enjoying my thoughts with mac n cheese.

      The readings vary from week to week, but this week, several of them are about healthcare and/or the high court. Have a good weekend and thanks for commenting.


  9. Now, it might not be the birds’ fault. Many, many years ago, a grain elevator on the far south side of Chicago caught fire, and the fire was put out (using water, obviously), but was not cleaned up for a few days. In the heat of summer. The grain fermented, and shortly thereafter, downtown Chicago was strafed by drunk, dive-bombing pigeons. True story! 😀
    Obama’s vulnerable? How – by laughing at Romney’s latest gaffe so hard, he chokes to death? 😉
    Have a good weekend!


    • John,
      Oh my my … great story about the after-effects of the grain elevator story. Drunken pigeons is a thought to behold. 🙂 Meanwhile, this political season is so odd. In one corner a vulnerable incumbent. In the other corner, an ongoing circus who strengthen the incumbent. Simply strange. Thanks for sharing your story!


  10. Oh, I can’t resist “Jeff Beck Lured into Dark Alley with Old-Guitar-Pick-on-a-String Trick” . I can see any guitarist shuffling after a pick on the move, since they always need a pick and rarely have one.

    Love the page turner- very clever! Thanks for a laugh at the end of a very long and tiring day!


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