On Personal Stuff

In the following past post of not that long ago, I provided links to many of the new sites I’ve discovered in the past 4-5 months to fulfill my quasi requirement for various awards. As we know, many awards also come with an obligation to tell more about yourself. Good news is that I haven’t run out of this kind of information – bad news is I haven’t run out of this kind of information.

Whenever I go to the pharmacist, I’m fearful of seeing a busload of senior citizens unloading as I approach the store – but this has never happened to me.

Whenever I go to a hotel, I’m fearful of a tour bus unloading as I’m approaching to check in – and this happened once!

I typically sneeze in threes.

I have leaped out of our hot tub/spa, ran into the snow and did a snow angel, then raced back into the hot water.

Because I get too light headed when I give blood, I don’t give any more (sad to say).

I regularly use one Clinique product – a comb.

My favorite sleepwear includes an approximately 20-year old orange t-shirt.

I think my first kiss was with Bobbie Jo in her basement during elementary school years. I can’t recall when she moved away, so I wonder whatever happened to her and her brother.

I recall having only one blind date in my life. I recall having a good time.

When I was in elementary school, I decided to hitch a ride on the back of a milk truck and then jumped off it when it was moving 25 miles per hour. Yep – I end up in the hospital for several days – and very lucky.

I’ve never been one to sleep in – thus I’m an early riser and a morning person.

Two of my favorite travel highlights:
The most beautiful inhabitable scenery: Na Pali Coast, west coast of Kauai (Hawaii)
The most beautiful habitable scenery: Amalfi Coast (Italy)

On the day I was born, Teresa Brewer’s Till I Waltz Again with You was #1 on the charts. Interestingly, this is not a song for waltz.

I want to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.

My wife and I are greedy – thus only playing lottery games when they reach $100 million.

I was in a car accident and in the same car with a person who died.

I went to Madrid, Spain for a 3-day weekend from Ohio: left Friday afternoon, arrived Saturday morning, left Monday early afternoon, home Monday night, and at work Tuesday morning.

I make oat bran muffins (various flavors) and eat two for breakfast in an attempt to control my blood cholesterol. OK – I should post the recipe in the future.

I can’t be the only person who likes caramel topping by the spoonful without ice cream.

I still get daily newspaper delivery and read the Sports section first.

I know college dorm rooms are small, but while sitting on opposite beds, my roommate tossed a Ritz Cracker, and I caught it on my tongue.

My wife says I’m too serious.

With the perfect timing associated with a light switch, I once farted and the only light in the room went out.

My left hand is prosthetic because I preserved the original in a jar. Yep – it had to be after Shania Twain touched it. To first timers here, I’ve said this here more than once.

Before the last tidbit, anyone desiring more information about the person behind this blog, click here or see Categories > About Me in the sidebar.

Early in our marriage, my wife caught me dusting the apartment to the beat (and in time) to this Lou Rawls song from on LP on the turntable. Of course as she reads this she is wondering, how do you remember that and why? Enjoy Lou and his surprise guests.