On Satire News Bits: Vol. 12

The first few days of the week have been a bit more hectic than normal – well, at least for me. So, after yesterday’s science post and another loaded post coming tomorrow, today is the perfect day to get over the week’s hump with a bit of satire from The Onion. Any favorites?

Person who will become Warload-Rule of what was once Nebraska Born in Omaha Hospital

FCC Blocks GPS-Jamming Broadband

Man Pretty Sure He Slept

Ben Stiller Peels Banana with Own Feet

Nation’s First Boombox-Carrying Congressman Broke Boundaries

Recovering Sex Addict Can’t be in Same Room as Orgasm

Little League World Series to Begin Testing for Moustaches

Man Hears White Noise any time Waiter Tells Him about Squirrels

Deadbeat Dads March on Vegas

Area Man Going to go Ahead and Consider that a Date

Rock Bottom Loser Entertaining Offers from Different Religions

Sound Technicians Resort to Hanging Donald Sutherland Upside Down in Empty Stairwell to get Optimal Voice Overtone