Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 134

On Politics
Long, long ago I proclaimed these two points about the Republican presidential candidates: 1) Keep them talking and 2) Mitt Romney would be the eventual nominee. How did I do?

Remaining question on candidate Santorum: Will he leave the race after the losing the Pennsylvania primary or will he exit before the Pennsylvania primary to save embarrassment?

As the Supreme Court ponders the healthcare mandate that conservatives proclaim as an example of government intrusion, the conservative high court continues to apply the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to government-run law enforcement.

As conservatives proclaim liberties granted by the Constitution, a federal judge assigns the Justice Department a homework assignment because of President Obama’s comment? Surely, this can’t be political?

On Headlines from The Onion

Backup Healthcare Plan Involves Nation Sharing One Big Jar of Ointment
Dolphins Not So Intelligent on Land
Cheap Garage Disposal Can’t Handle Femur
Boarding School Student Received Wet William
Neil deGrasse Tyson Lets Slip that He has been to Mars
Friend whose Mom Just Died Allowed to Pick Pizza Toppings

Interesting Reads
David Ignatius on the Healthcare Revolution
A Google vs. Facebook Graphic
All Aboard for Mongolia
Evolution and Creationism: An Infographic
Your State’s Corruption Report Card (Thanks Beagz)
Science and Monkeys
Rise of the Medical Expertocracy

On Potpourri
Baseball season has started … and I did not watch one pitch until watching the Opening Day game in Cincinnati. Piss on MLB Commissioner Bud Selig! Meanwhile, the Reds won today’s opener 4-0.

For us golfers, it’s Masters’ Weekend! Although it’s not my favorite tournament, it’s a great one to watch.

I officially declare the recent NCAA basketball tournament null and void.

For those who enjoy sacred art, here is a short gallery of some in Cincinnati.

Funniest names of towns? Woo hoo … Rabbit Hash is close to me.

I accidentally deleted a spam comment I wanted to share about staring at genital warts.

Last month I reported that February 2012 set a new monthly high for visits to this blog, breaking the benchmark set in December 2011. Well, that didn’t last long because March 2012 beat February 38.9%. Thanks to everyone who visited – and a special thanks to my regulars!

Given the Easter holiday weekend, I will not post. Besides, and statistically speaking, numbers typically drop this weekend. (Graph is by the American Cancer Society)

This weekend our handbell choir plays. Interestingly, this is also a service when we typically do not play well, which I proclaim is due to being in a different area with different acoustics and having a different physical arrangement. Oh well, I hope we break the trend. The piece (To God All Praise and Glory) is tricky with interesting techniques, so listen here.

Have a good weekend everyone; plus Joyous Easter and Chag Sameach to all who celebrate those traditions. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

34 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 134

  1. dolphins headline wins.

    help my curiosity as to your visit count. i have no clue what’s “a lot” and what’s not, and of course it’s all relative. not until about a month ago did i really start trying to get more visitors, mainly by reading and commenting and “following” others, give and take. anyway, in february i had maybe 20 visitors a day. today i had over 400. i think i didn’t get my first follower until december. today i passed 100. i’m not new at writing, but i am new at working blogville.


    • Rich,
      Yep – stats are all relative as compared to what. There are blogs that do more in a year than I have had here since Aug 2008 – thus I view my stats in terms of relative to self. If you are getting 400 per day, you are blowing me away (I think I’ve had that once, and that day is probably skewed some way). So please share your secret! Thanks for visiting and commenting.


      • well, i think i learned a few things. first, i wasn’t using tags until about two months ago, had no clue what they were. also, i’m making more of an effort to read and comment on other posts,which i think invites a return favor. yesterday i learned that several people were reading my fiction and posting about it and linking to it from their blogs. so during this great run of averaging 200 a day, i was posting two, sometimes three chapters. but now those stories are over. i’ll likely fall back below 100 again until i start posting new chapters to the next story.


        • i’d say your blog was the first i started with. i also make it a point to follow anyone following me. which i guess most people do.


  2. I use to play in the hand bell choir as a kid I really did enjoy it, I remember wearing the white gloves. :+) I agree the headline “Dolphins Not So Intelligent on Land” is my favorite. Golf is one of the sports I watch on TV often I find it soothing, the anouncers talking in a hushed voice.:+)


    • Starla,
      Cheers to someone who has handbells in their past. Ours is an adult choir, but have had teen members from time to time. I will be posting an interesting piece sometime in the next couple of weeks. Tough piece to play with it funky timing and techniques.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch any of the Masters yesterday … maybe today, but definitely this weekend. Besides being a golfer, one of the things I like about tournaments is that fans cheer good shots by all the golfers! Then give the crowd two good shots in a row – the crowd goes crazy! Thanks for stopping by and I hope Navar saw my post on evolution.


      • I miss the handbells I may have to revisit the idea of playing the handbells in my future. It really was such a pleasant experience. I agree with you comments on golf. I watch so much golf that I’ve thought maybe I should actually go out on a golf course and try and hit a few balls. It would be another reason to celebrate spring. The snow outside right now is deep the dog just came in covered with the white stuff. Navars humor he told her to get next to me and to “shake” just a little trick we taught her. I will point out the post to Navar. :+)


        • I imagine your snow will be gone soon … thus leading to the signs of spring. As I like to tell people here, our early spring is at the expense of someone else who is having someone else’s extended winter. Meanwhile, I encourage you to listen to the handbell link in this post, and then tell me what you think about it. 🙂


  3. Morning Frank! Interesting exchange between you and Rich…as usual! 🙂 As for headlines, I’ll go with….Friend whose Mom Just Died Allowed to Pick Pizza Toppings, because well…it’s just the right thing to do.
    I loved the link to Funniest Town Names, there’s just SO many. I also like ironic town names…such as Progress, Mississippi. I’ve been there, and believe me there’s much work to be done to live up to this name. Fortunately, it isn’t too far from Hot Coffee, Mississippi…so there’s hope yet!

    Have a great Easter weekend! By the way…I would have liked to read that spam comment. I’m convinced other people get much better spam than I do! I really need to work on padding my spam stats! 😉


    • Alex,
      On the spam, I glance at it looking for something interesting – well, sort of looking for the needle in the haystack. Great point about Progress, Mississippi. Don’t forget the tip for the weekend – no femurs in the disposal – well, unless you have a good one. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting.


  4. You were right, you were right, you were right! (even Belle has to admit it).

    As for Saintly Santorum – he knows no shame. He’ll wait until his own state spits him out like the sour cabbage he is, and then he will proclaim we are all just going to hell anyway and get out of the race.

    We fans of VCU thank you for voided the NCAA results. 🙂


  5. Hi,
    Not much to pick from out of the Onion Headlines this week, so I will leave that one for others.

    It was Good Friday yesterday for us here on the other side of the world, and I didn’t put in a post yesterday, did the jokes for today and won’t be posting tomorrow. Everyone is enjoying themselves with family and friends over Easter as it should be.
    I wish you and your family a very Happy Easter. 🙂


    • Les,
      For me, the GOP primary gave me a lot of amusement … I just wish our country’s process didn’t take so long. Thanks for the kind words and for commenting … and glad you liked the femur headline!


  6. The courts have always been political. The current Supreme Court is activist for conservative causes regardless of what the pundits say.

    But on a much better note, Have a Happy Easter !!


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