On a Beautiful Weekend

As much of the eastern half of the US, Cincinnati had great weather this weekend – which made the Easter weekend even better. How was your weekend?

We stayed away from the ballroom floor on Friday night, and then did a variety of things around the house on Saturday – including watching on unbelievable round of the Masters’ golf tournament when eight different players topped the leader board. We then went to the Easter Vigil service as the handbell choir played – and we did fine. Sunday we hosted my in-laws and watched more golf. Congratulations Bubba Watson!

Given the number of good things this past weekend, starting the week with wonderful music hits the spot; then throw in spectacular scenery and creativity – Wow! Have a great week.

42 thoughts on “On a Beautiful Weekend

    • Lynn,
      Thanks for the link. Amazing how she sang the cello part. I also watched a video of the same piece by Kathleen Battle as it featured many Hubble Telescope images. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!


  1. I am thrilled that you had a suitably laid back easter weekend, i cannot watch videos as i am out in the boonies and my thingybobby does not download stuff fast enough.. however, take care and have fun. celi


  2. i may have said this before, but my father is a ballroom dancer and has won several competitions. we had a wedding last night, my brother, and my father barely sat the whole night. he tries to dance with as many women as possible. i’m jealous of his moves and his stamina. and he’ll be 80 in september.


    • Guapo,
      The weather was good enough for swing the clubs, but that we didn’t do. My wife and I both golf, as do my in-laws, so watching golf is a comment event in both homes. Golf fans are special because they root for good shots by no matter who did it. Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Hi,
    Sounds like you have had a great weekend, and I’m glad the weather does nice for everyone. I also had a wonderful weekend lovely weather as well. 🙂
    I really enjoyed the video, very nice.


  4. Good morning Frank, sounds like a wonderful weekend…well, you know, except for the golf part. 😉 I had a 3 1/2 day weekend and have no idea where it went. I want do-over!!

    Have a great week 😀


  5. My weekend was remarkably pleasant. Relaxing watching lots of golf. We went to a wonderful buffet Sunday morning. It just seemed to be one pleasant event after another. I’m glad the handbells went well I bet it was lovely. I enjoyed seeing all the little girls and boys in their Sunday best outfits so cute. I would say a great weekend overall. :+)


  6. What a wonderful video! Really lovely…and our weather has made this whole weekend just spectacular. It isn’t due to last, so I am just reveling in it as much as I can for now. We hosted Easter dinner for 17 family members, so in some ways that WAS my whole weekend, but I’m thankful for my loved ones and in the end glad we could. It’s good to start a new week. I am always hopeful I’ll push the restart button and find a little quiet time somewhere. It’s early yet! Debra


  7. Finally, the chaos of Easter Week is over, so we get a break from church cleanings and grass cutting and trimming. Weed-whacking in March?!? YUCK! 😀
    Keep warm tomorrow – they have us on the edge of a freeze line Tuesday night. Then 75 by Friday. Will somebody just pick a friggin’ season already? 😉


    • John,
      The Easter Week chaos for churches is legendary, thus affects anyone involved with operations and maintenance in any way. Good news – it’s over! Then again, the abnormal weather pattern has added to our angst. More growth is on the way!!! Meanwhile, stay warm in the evenings and early mornings. Thanks for commenting.


    • Bruce,
      Oh my my … totally unplanned on my part. Honestly! The oddity is that I realized that it was the Titanic anniversary because there was an article here (in Cincinnati) linking the events of the opening of Crosley Field (100 years ago) with the Titanic incident. (I know … an odd combination). Nonetheless, thanks for visiting and commenting.


  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend. WW and I had a glorious time, as well–one of the best Easter Sundays, ever! Fabulous Easter service (twas a visitor) in which I got to belt out the Hallelujah chorus with the choir and the “old girl” had not forgotten a note of it. (I swear I can see the face of God when I sing Handel’s music.) Then went to a new winery and ended up at a lovely inn with a renowned chef for dinner. Finally, checking out this magnicent cellist (Wow!) just put the icing on top of the weekend cake. What is his name? I would love to purchase his music. All the best! ET


    • E-Tom,
      Sounds you had a wonderful weekend, thus thanks for sharing. … and Woo Hoo for still being able to belt it out! Of course I had no doubt. 🙂 …The continuing to a winery and eventually a great dinner treat. Now I’m envisioning one tired Mama Bling!

      I too love this video. Here’s the link to the performer on this video. http://www.thepianoguys.com/music/ Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.


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