On Cymbals and Drums

In a few weeks, our handbell choir will play the piece below: Praise Him with Cymbals and Drums, as part of a small local festival. In handbell world, this is a difficult piece (Level 5 on a rating system from 1 to 6+). The timing and rhythms are funky, plus it requires of variety of techniques. Unquestionably, this is the most difficult music we’ve played, and were are getting it – well … much of the time …. which means we have to hit it on performance day!

The choir in this video, the Golden Bells of Atlanta, is very good. In our version, we will be adding percussion, which will be an interesting twist. On a special note, during the last 30 seconds watch the two bass players on the right because they are awesome.

As for me, my part is the same as the guy behind “Golden” in their banner, which also plays the mallets in the background. This fun piece will demonstrate that handbell music is much more than traditional hymns. Enjoy!