On a Lapse for Monday

Another weekend is in the books. With us in an unusual weather pattern, we finally got some needed rain as drops fell most of Saturday. Otherwise, we (mainly I) had a lousy night on the ballroom floor Friday night. Saturday night we enjoyed dinner with friends.

Sunday morning we participated in a 5K walk that served as a fund-raising event for a foundation that supports police K-9 units throughout the area. The weather was great, the walk was in Cincinnati’s main cemetery that is very much a park setting, and all for a good cause.

How was your weekend?

To start your week, sit back and enjoy this time-lapse film. Thanks Izaak for finding this. Have a great week!

30 thoughts on “On a Lapse for Monday

  1. Hi,
    What a great cause to walk for, our K-9 units world wide are fantastic, the amount of training that so many put into this, and a lot of time too of course all pays off in the end. Well done. 😀

    I loved the video, the time lapse was done really well and fantastic shots, a pleasure to watch.


    • Mags,
      It was our first time walking for this cause … and we’ll return. I think this foundation has helped 18 K-9 units to date. Plus it was a wonderful morning to walk. Glad you liked the video and thanks for commenting.


  2. Sorry it was a bad niht of dancing. But a bad night of dancing is still better than a great day working, no?
    My girl and I managed to get out for a picnic today (sunday) between our chores. It was a perfect interlude.
    Incredible video!


  3. Great video! And you had a very active weekend, and I’m very touched by the K-9 unit fundraiser. We have a friend who is a K-9 officer and his dog partner contracted a disease and was relieved of duty recently. Our friend was devastated. I think you get the prize for the most productive and meaningful weekend…but I did celebrate my son’s 35th birthday. He’s my “baby”–so he and I both hit milestone birthdays within a month of one another. I think that made for a very reflective weekend 🙂 Debra


    • Debra,
      It must be devastating when a policeman loses their partner dog no matter how it happened. A questions for you on that. Does the officer get another dog? Is there a waiting/grieving period? Glad to here you got to enjoy the weekend with your son’s birthday celebration! Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Walking for K-9, so admirable and I am impressed too. The rains are not normal, as I said in one of my posts, or comments, there is too much rain in somewhere else and there is no rain where needs rains… About my weekend, it was so nice because my son was here with us. I loved this video, how nice to start my day at my desk with this amazing video… Thank you dear Frank, have a nice day, with my love, nia


  5. Sunday we had a small skift of snow so we fired up the wood stove. It was a restful day. I have several books I’m wanting to read so I could use a few days like that quiet and restful. Saturday was nice out and about we enjoyed watching the kids at Navars school perticipate in a track event.
    I enjoyed the video. We are so lucky to live on such a beautiful and amazing planet.


  6. bought a bunch of flowers from home depot, that i’ll be planting today while it gets up to 89 degrees. washed and waxed a car. grilled burgers. carried a mattress downstairs. carried it back upstairs the next day.


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