Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 136

On Politics
I’ve been shaking my head at Congress for some time. Oh my my! Just wait until the end of 2012 when Congress faces the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, expiration of the payroll tax holiday, debt ceiling extension, and the looming deadline of the automatic budgets cuts.

Speaking of Congress, which is worse: One chamber knowingly passing a bill that has no chance of passing the other chamber or not acting on a bill sent by the other chamber?

As a component of overall foreign policy, the US government this dilemma: what to do when promoting national values and national interests are in conflict with one another.

Given the scandal at the US General Services Administration, I would be tempted redistribute its most important duties, and then disband the entire organization.

Because people like Ted Nugget are totally irrelevant to a campaign, why does he keep getting press? Then again, he earned a Dork of the Year nomination.

A thought about the Secret Service scandal in Columbia: Because Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has never heard to this happening before, this must be the first time this has ever happened – therefore it must be President Obama’s fault; but I am not sure what Rep. Issa’s brothers think. (For that don’t know, that’s Larry and Darryl)

On Headlines from The Onion
Trusted Sistine Chapel Janitor Convicted of Sexually Abusing the Last 4 Popes
Depressed Ralph Lauren Releases New Wrinkled Shirt with Marinara Stain
Local Idiot to Post Comment on Internet
Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable due to Facebook
Scientists Discover Delicious New Species
Local Priest Grateful to FTD for Easter-Reminder Email
Study Shows 38% of People Not Entitled to Own Opinion

Interesting Reads
Maureen Dowd on Phony Mommy Wars 
A Mummified Kitten
Interesting graphic regarding a naval war with Iran
For those with an interest in style, Plastic in Fashion
Fact or Fiction: Debunking Rural Legends (Thanks Starla)
Companies that Lobby the Most and What They Get

On Potpourri
Tuesday provided wonder camera work of the space shuttle Discovery riding piggyback on a NASA 747 on its final journey from the Florida to DC. For anyone who missed it, see the takeoff and DC flyover + landing.

Jim Abbott has one hand, but pitched in Major League Baseball. Watch this several-minute interview from CNN.

Do you remember the pictures from The Wave by my friend Steve? See his new site, which includes a wonderful musical slide show on the front page.

Interestingly, recent research by the Public Religion Research Institute about Jewish values shows that more Jews have a more favorable rating of Mormons and Muslims than the Christian Right – and I imagine the Christian Right doesn’t really care about that!

As US gas prices continue to rise, let us not forget that US exports of gasoline lowers the US supply. Why export? – because the companies can get a higher price for their product elsewhere!

So far, I’ve enjoyed the current cast of Dancing with the Stars because the overall dancing is good and the cast is likeable. Meanwhile, Holy Menounos, have you seen opera singer Katherine Jenkins?

Blog numbers are down, so the surge was fun while it lasted. Meanwhile, with another classic cartoon salute tomorrow, post #900 should be sometime midweek. Woo hoo!

Have a good weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch. Now I close with an interesting music and description from the video. Enjoy and thanks Xandi.

31 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 136

  1. Well done as always Frank. This gets my vote: Study Shows 38% of People Not Entitled to Own Opinion.

    Although this real headline is as close to Onion-esque (Orwell-esque?) as it gets: “Bishop Of Peoria Compares Obama And Contraception Mandates To Hitler And Stalin.”


  2. Maybe I’ll be able to help with your numbers. A fellow blogger heads off to Ft. Benning (Georgia) tomorrow, and will proceed from there (after some highly-useful training, no doubt) to Afghanistan. Maybe I can help hijack some of his readers over to here. Meantime, I will have to take a few minutes every day, and hope and pray my daily checkings of http://www.icasualties.org don’t find a familiar name. 😦
    I do need to do some checking – I know where all the shuttles are going, but I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the 747 carrying aircraft. And though “USS Intrepid” gains the Enterprise from the Smithsonian, it loses a MiG-15, a (I believe) Grumman F-10, and a British Hawker Siddely. Doesn’t sound like the best trade in the world to me – and that’s from an Enterprise-loving Trekkie! 😉
    Stay cool, avoid the storms (I think you’re clear of them, to their south), and have a good Friday and weekend!


    • John,
      Speaking of Star Trek, I imagine you would love to attend the gathering of all the Star Trek captains in one place.

      … and of MiGs, did you know that there is one in front of a building at Wright-pat?

      Good luck to your blogger friend on his tour of duty. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi,
    “Dork of the year nomination” I like it, we have those here as well. 😀

    My pick from the headlines:

    “Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable due to Facebook”
    This will never happen, they will ban and shutdown facebook.

    “Scientists Discover Delicious New Species”
    I think I’ll let the Scientists have the first taste on this one.

    “Study Shows 38% of People Not Entitled to Own Opinion”
    Only 38%? New study needed on this one, after all that has happened on facebook (see above) this figure should be higher.

    Loved the video. 😀


  4. While I agree I am SURE it’s not the first time the secret service have hooked up with hookers while supposed to be protecting our president. I think In past administrations the secret service perhaps respected the office much more and the man holding the office of president. I believe the secret service (guys) blatant “in your face” poor disgusting behavior is a direct reflection on how much they don’t respect this president or administration. While the behavior is fowl no matter what, at least the secret service while protecting past president’s/administration’s had enough brains to keep it covert. (The JFK way). These guys are clowns.


  5. This is my favorite: Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable due to Facebook–I feel left out, I don’t have a Facebook account. I should run for president, except that would be the last job I would want. I hate being surrounded by idiots.


  6. The Onion headline, “Study Shows 38% of People Not Entitled to Own Opinion,” makes me want to go back in time and be able to sit and listen to the Founding Fathers debating what the qualifications should be for someone to be allowed to vote in their new republic.


  7. Post 900 Frank?! Wow, impressive! Looking forward to it 🙂
    Thanks for the link to Steve’s site and of The Onion headlines I like Study Shows 38% of People Not Entitled to Own Opinion. Of course, this is just my opinion. 😉
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  8. That was an enjoyable music video. I like one of his influences Deep Purple. :+) I also enjoyed the slide show from The Wave beautiful Photos Steve!
    I’ve also enjoyed watching dancing with the stars this time around lots of talent and the Opera Singer I believe is the one who inspired the little girl Jackie Evancho. I’m pretty sure don’t quote me on that :+) Thank You for the shout out.:+) I thought that link was fun with the rural legends.
    I’ve noticed in the past that blogging has it’s own wave sometimes people are blogging their brains out and other times not so much . Enjoy your weekend Frank and best of luck with the handbells.


    • Starla,
      The tune of our choir’s solo piece keeps going through my head – so I just hope we hit it!

      Glad you enjoyed the video and Steve’s photos. … and well said, blogging is much like a wave. Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Good stuff as always, Frank.
    Sadly, the purpose of newspapers (and news tv, etc) is to sell their sponsors ads.
    If highlighting Ted does that, then he’s newsworthy. It’s the only to explain it.

    Saw him perform once. It was a hell of a show. If only he hadn’t talked so much…


    • Guapo,
      I recall that many years ago for one of The Eagles reunion tours, a friend paid $120 per ticket – besides the concert they got about a 30-45 minute political talk. Good news for me is that I haven’t experienced that! Of course when I go to UC Bearcats football games, Cat Scratch Fever is frequently played over the PA. Thanks for commenting.


  10. If Congress does nothing between now and Dec. 31, a real possibility, every tax code subsidy to the oil, natural gas, solar, wind, renewable, ethanol, energy industries all expire, an amazing confluence of forces. 2013 America would have an energy policy not affected at all by any tax subsidies. I cannot imagine that happening, the whole energy industry lobby being thwarted all at once. Looking forward to number 900.


  11. Frank, just catching up here after a very hectic week or two. Love this headline “Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable due to Facebook.” I constantly warn my students to be careful what they post; you don’t have to have a Facebook account to retrieve unwise postings through a name search. Sometimes they listen to me 🙂 and sometimes they don’t 😦

    Congrats on the upcoming post milestone! I only post once a week; it will take me a long time to get there, but I’m enjoying the ride.

    Loved the video and music; thanks for sharing that.


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