On a Monday Reporter

Hope you had a good weekend. What did you do that was memorable?

As I prepare this post Sunday mid-afternoon, I’m exhausted – thus hoping for a nap. We danced ballroom both Friday and Saturday night, but it was the handbell event that how put me in a low energy level. Because our church hosted other choirs, those of us who go out of our way to help guests more is demanding.

Then there was this crazy, energetic, difficult song that our choir played. During the song, the effects of my extra adrenalin pushed me – and then when it was over, the “someone pulled the plug” feeling crashed me to normalcy soon after the last night as I suddenly realized we hit it! Maybe our best! Needless to say, I  am quite proud of our group’s accomplishment.

Because I’m on the topic of energy and dancing, Cincinnatians have a local TV personality who is quite the entertainer. Although he serves as  a weekend anchor, during the week early risers can find him during the early morning traffic reports; however, he vaults viewers into the weekend with his quirky Dancing Party Friday report before the Friday sun rises.  Enjoy this one from several years ago, and I look forward to catching up on reading your posts. Have a great week!