Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 137

On Politics
Finally, Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee. Finally, Mitt Romney will move toward the center and seemingly forget past comments. Let the Etch-a-Sketch begin.

Did anyone notice that Mr. Romney hasn’t been using “conservative” in recent speeches?

Mr. Romney is correct at making the economy the central theme of his campaign.

“They (the American people) have lost faith in sporting institutions in this country because of many different scandals. They’ve lost faith in the government. They’ve lost faith in both political parties… They’ve lost faith in corporate institutions. They’ve lost faith in the media.” Well said Mathew Dowd, political analyst.

On Headlines from The Onion
Nation’s Employment Outlook Drastically Improves after Fifth Beer
Vatican Tightening Nocturnal Emissions Standards
Red Meat Takes Years off Cow’s Life
Anthropologist Reports Human Feet Originally Used for Walking
First-Time Flasher is going to Make Sure He’s Erect Next Time
New TV Show: Ice Road Hookers
Nation’s Toddler Reports new iPad Taste about the Same

Interesting Reads
Big Companies Getting to Keep Employee’s Tax Withholdings
Tale of Two Recoveries
Teaching Science in Tennessee
Cells Phone Seeing through Walls
Grappling with the Garbage Glut
Brain Gigbytes
The Buffet Rule is Worth Debating

On Potpourri
I have often said that with their view of creation, religious conservatives give God too little credit. Here’s an interesting perspective.

Google’s recent zipper interface was awesome! Here’s an explanation of how a zipper works.

On the Thursday morning news I heard “social Darwinism” – interestingly, I posted about it earlier this week.

Blog spam amuses me. I just had one telling how pre-natal message therapy is linked to my post about Popeye the Sailor!

I have a classic cartoon post planned for tomorrow.

Because the week started with Cincinnati’s dancing morning traffic reporter, we might as well as end the week in similar fashion. Here’s a recent Dance Party Friday dedicated to an upcoming Barry Manilow performance.

Have a good weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor; Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

49 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 137

  1. Hi,
    “Vatican Tightening Nocturnal Emissions Standards”
    Now that is funny.

    “Anthropologist Reports Human Feet Originally Used for Walking”
    Very intriguing.

    “First-Time Flasher is going to Make Sure He’s Erect Next Time”
    What on earth does he mean? 😆

    “Nation’s Toddler Reports new iPad Taste about the Same”
    Oh yes toddlers would definitely know.

    I actually laughed out loud about your Popeye post, and I loved the video, he’s pretty good, I enjoyed it. 😀


  2. “New Show: Ice Road Hookers”? Dude, that is just so COLD! 😉
    Actually, red meat doesn’t take years off a cow’s life, it just drives them mad. Kinda makes you wonder if some of our politicians might be closet cannibals!
    And don’t give that GOP nod to Romney just yet. Ron Paul is still running! At the rate he’s gaining delegates, he may just become the 2012 nominee…. somewhere around 2020. 😀


  3. Good reads! I have thought about posting on the garbage glut…Just today I put a request in the library for the new Edward Humes book on our garbage problem! It’s a big issue here in SoCal. Ice Road Hookers? Just give it time! Debra


    • Debra,
      I can’t imagine the amount of garbage/solid wastes in SoCal. Looks like you have a future post topic! When I saw the Ice Road Hookers headline, I knew I had to use it asap. Thanks for visiting.


  4. Dear Frank, I read all your posts… but sometimes I don’t have any idea about these subjects… sorry for this and also you know I am far from politics too… But I love your blog and your beautiful blogger friendship… I just want to say now, Thank you and Have a nice and enjoyable weekend, with my love, nia


  5. Nia’s so sweet I just read her comment. Makes me smile.
    I’m working on a post it may be a few days but I would like to add a couple of link to your place. I will let you know. Life is a whirl wind right now, but I will ask about the links to go the okay dookey on them. I hope that’s how you spell dookey not a word I use much.

    “Nation’s Toddler Reports new iPad Taste about the Same”
    “Nation’s Employment Outlook Drastically Improves after Fifth Beer”

    The second one that’s all it take five beers and the employment outlook drastically improves?
    Hope you have a good weekend Frank


    • Starla,
      Let me know what you are look for and I’ll help track them down. Meanwhile, knowing that life has you in a bit on a hectic at the moment, hang in there. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


  6. Thanks for the link to “Big Companies Getting to Keep Employee’s Tax Withholdings” I had no idea. I’m not happy about this, but it’s important to know.


  7. Thanks for including the letter “Letting God Out Of The Box” in your post today. It makes me wonder what could happen if all the world’s religions, philosophies, and beliefs, at the same time opened up their boxes, and found the process(s) of creation (and a lot of other things about the human condition) to be really not so scary. The problem of course is that some folks would lose power, and money–a lot of it.


  8. Unbelievable that we are now so ‘advanced’ that it has only just been discovered that our feet were designed for walking – like there were so many other possibilities for feet! xx


  9. “Nation’s Toddler Reports new iPad Taste about the Same” – HAHAHAHA. Now if only the rest of us could have such a simple and practical view of the world and value.


  10. This statement is so true: Nation’s Employment Outlook Drastically Improves after Fifth Beer…I find a lot of things improve, like my self esteem, writing, and sleeping. Have a marvelous weekend!


  11. The problem with Mitt is everybody ‘can live with him’ if elected cause they all assume he’ll do things their way. But…nobody knows what he’ll really do from what he says.


  12. Geat potpourri, Frank. I was completely intrigued by the evolution/evangelical link and of course, loved the brain gigabyte article. But my favorite was the cell phone technology – reminded me of the little hand held body analysis scanner held by Dr. “Bones” McCoy in Star Trek – Gene Rodenberry was a visionary. Beam me up, Scotty!


  13. I was going to pick an Onion headline…until I watched the video! There’s no way the Onion can compete with ‘Kentucky I won’t a-ban-dan-ya’! That guy is hilarious! Thanks for this Frank 😀

    And btw, I loved the google zipper interface. They are all usually so very clever!


  14. What a great collection. My word there’s a cell phone that looks through walls? The bathroom stalkers are going to love that!

    After reading your week’s summary it makes me wonder how we manage to stand upright and use our two feet for walking.


  15. Good laugh with the Onion headlines. Seems like every few years the country has “lost faith with (fill in the blank). It’s kind of like every few years people start paying attention and the media reports they’ve lost faith.


    • Les,
      Much of life is cyclical. Partisan aside, Washington is ideological BS – and all at our expense (more ways than one). Maybe it’s always been that way, but it’s just easier to see today. Nonetheless, cheers to The Onion! Thanks for stopping by.


  16. I’ve never heard that companies keeping employees’ tax withholdings – you can’t be serious?? Can’t be serious? This was bad reading!

    But good on you for exposing this, for the people to know more. Cheers.
    VodkaWasMyMuse.wordpress.com / WordsFallFromMyEyes.wordpress.com


  17. I watched Top Cat all the time and a really loved it. Loved the opening song – very catchy. I thought the series went for decades. I had no idea it went for such a short period of time xx


  18. Loved the Employment Outlook headline.
    Also the article links. The one on tax witholding was interesting, and Teaching Science in Tennessee was great – the comments there too. They are having a remarkably well behaved discourse from a variety of perspectives!
    Thanks, and have a great weekend Frank!


  19. Frank, the article by Lisa Jeanguenin was superb. I’ve passed it onto my kids (ages 27 and 30). The oldest is graduating from Liberty University in a couple weeks, yep the same place Mitt Romney is giving the commencement speech (can you say, years of blog fodder since I’ll be the only Christian liberal in the audience). Liberty U was not WW and my choice for our kid, that’s for sure, but she put herself through school on her own dime after a rocky start in life (which we are very proud of), and she is graduating after having to take a Creationist course which was pretty fierce. To say my kid is “brainwashed” on the subject of evolution is putting it mildly. Her baby sister is about to strangle her. In any case, any intelligent explanation that does not bitch slap the face of God is helpful to help her “walk toward the light.” I’ll let you know how it is received.

    All the best. E


    • E-Tom,
      Oh my my … a Liberty grad in your midst. Fortunately, because it’s your daughter, I know you will be nice. Let me know what they think of the article. And yes, it was a good one. Meanwhile, hearing Mitt Romney will be interesting. Then again, he’s so rote that I could probably write a speech that would be close. Looking forward to your thoughts about it. Thanks for sharing!


  20. Yes now the campaigns will move to the center. The whole process gags me. The difference between both parties is actually small on many subjects. Both Obama and Romney will defer to Ben Bernanke and his money printing ways to keep us out of depression, even though zero interest rates rob us savers.


    • Randel,
      Sometimes I wonder if the election isn’t anything more than the partisans voting for their candidate, while the nonpartisans vote against the one they don’t want. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the money supply!


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