On Tunak Monday

Cincinnati weather was all over the place this weekend. Nonetheless, we had a good weekend. Surprisingly, handbells and ballroom highlighted our weekend. How was your weekend?

One the ballroom side, we danced Friday night, but on Saturday night we were in the audience supporting our friends performing at our studio’s showcase event – kind of an adult recital for those who want to participate. Sorry – we dance for fun, not performance.

On the handbell side, we rang two pieces from last weekend’s bell fest at our Saturday service. Woo hoo! We hit that crazy one again!  We only have one more ring left before breaking for the summer. Oh – there is the possibility of a video of us performing.

A video with babies is a great way to start the week. It’s a bit repetitive at the beginning, but changes later. Nonetheless, it cracked me up! Have a good week!