Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 142

On Politics
For those wondering why Mitt Romney continues to appear with egotistical-blowhard Donald Trump, here’s the reason – campaign money.

Speaking of Mr. Trump, he has boastingly proclaimed that he would be the best choice for vice president. Now that’s funny, but it won’t happen – well, unless Mr. Romney wants to accept defeat.

I respect columnist George Will, but this attempt to compare the amount Procter and Gamble spends in product advertising to the campaign spending is another prime example of comparing irrelevant facts in their attempt to make a point – especially when it comes to the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United ruling. Well, unless Mr. Will can convince me of the connection between household products and the freedom of voters. (My past post on this topic)

On Headlines from The Onion
Man at Gym Just Watching TV
Gravedigger Did Quick Once-Over to make sure Everyone Buried before Locking Cemetery
Bed Bug Feels Bad for Area Man, but a Bed Bug’s Got to Eat
Needy Mom Calling with Birthday Wishes
Nabisco Tentatively Adds Hummus to List of Approved Ritz Toppings
Area Man Winded after Lengthy Wendy’s Order
NASA Shuttle Bus Delayed

Interesting Reads
The Challenge of Cosmic Mysteries
Obama Administration Spending
A video poem by Nia to music
Graphic Comparing Two Big-Name Companies
Republican Keynesians by a Republican Economist
The Human Brain and Time

On Potpourri
Do you want more hits on your blog? Thanks to Elyse, here are ways to attract Homeland Security to your blog.

May ends as my second best month ever – but well behind the top month (about 20%).

Cheers to Nia, a visitor here, for this poem supported by appropriate music.

NBC’s cancellation of Harry’s Law shows that decisions are based on advertiser desires, not ratings. For those that don’t know, cancelled the show because it did not appeal to advertiser’s desire targeting 18-49.

A cartoon post will go up for your Saturday morning.

To send you into the weekend, enjoy the beautiful images to the sounds of Loreena McKennitt. Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

On Satire Bits: Vol. 18

In my euphoria of finally playing acceptable golf, last night I published the wrong post – that is this post was supposed to be yesterday, and yesterday’s post today. Oh well, stuff happens.

Cheers everyone to the latest dose of satirical headlines from The Onion. Do you have any favorites from these morsels of humor?

Alabama’s School System’s Lone Textbook Falling Apart

County Fair Judges Blown Away by Local Heifer

Cops Cleared on Corruption Charges after Implicating Decorated Police Dog

Study Shows Mosquitoes Don’t Need to Bite Us

Nickname Persists in Spite of Surgery

It’s Easy to Tell What Area Man Will Look Like as Skeleton

Urban Planner Stuck in Traffic of Own Design

Bus Passenger Believes She Lives in a World Where Curried Shrimp is Odorless

Errant Keystrokes Produces Character Never Seen Before by Human Eye

NASA Announces Plans to Put Man on Bus to Cleveland

Anxiety-Ridden Man Rightly Ashamed of Every Single Thing He Does

Man to Give Another Cologne a Try

On Animals and Wine

I’ve mentioned before that our church as a wine-tasting group. As I like to say, fun and fellowship are the group’s purposes with wine as our vehicle. To commemorate our last event, I did a post that provided a list of wines labels around numbers (our last theme). I just so happens that I keep adding to that list as I discover others, which has been fun.

Another wine group event is approaching, and we are doing another quirky theme: Animals. I know this is not a complete list, but it’s a good start. Enjoy. Do you know any others?

Feathered Aviaries

  • Cardinals: Cardinal Zin, Cardinal Point
  • Cranes: Crane Family, Crane Lake
  • Ducks: Duck Pond, Duckhorn, Cold Duck
  • Eagles: Eagle Rock, Screaming Eagle, Eagle & Rose Estate, Eagle Vale
  • Geese: Spruce Goose, Goosecross
  • Hawks: Hawkstone, Hawk Crest, Redhawk
  • Extras: D’Arenberg Laughing Magpie, Phoenix, Ravenswood, Smoking Loon, Black Swan, Thunderbird
  • Rex Goliath 47-lb. Rooster, Little Penguin

Ungulates: Hoofed Mammals

  • Bulls: Dancing Bull, Turnbull Old Bull, Bully Hill, Concha Y Toro
  • Deer: Antler Hill, Reindeer Ranch, Stag’s Leap
  • Elk: Elkhorn, Elk Cove, Elk Creek
  • Goats: Goats Do Roam, Goats Do Roam in Villages, Bully Hill Love My Goat
  • Horses: Wild Horse, Flying Horse, Iron Horse, Silver Horse, Tall Horse, Horse Heaven Hills (H3), Horse Play, Horseshoe Bend, Colt’s Foot
  • Moose: 3 Blind Moose
  • Sheep: Bighorn, Ram’s Gate

Canine Mammals

  • Coyotes: Wild Coyote
  • Dogs: Bad Dog Ranch, Dog Point, The Dog and Oyster, Dog House, Fog Dog
  • Foxes: D’Arenberg Feral Fox, Flying Fox, Fox Meadow, Three Foxes, Foxhorn, Foxglove
  • Wolves: Wolf Blass, Grey Wolf, Wolf Gap, Howling Wolves

Feline Mammals

  • Cats: Cat Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, Fat Cat, Gato Negro, D’Arenberg Cenosiliacaphobic Cat, Killibinbin Scaredy Cat
  • Panthers: Panther Creek

Miscellaneous Mammals

  • Bats: D’Arenberg Fruit Bat Shiraz
  • Bears: Grizzly Republic
  • Llama; Funky Llama
  • Monkeys: Monkey Bay, Monkey Business
  • Otters: Otter Creek
  • Rabbits: Rabbit Ridge, Dancing Hares, French Rabbit, Las Liebres

Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fish

  • Frogs: Frog’s Leap, Frolicking Frog, La Petite Frog, Frogtown Cellars
  • Lizards: Lucky Lizard, D’Arenberg Leaping Lizard, Dragonette
  • Snakes: Blacksnake Meadery
  • Toads: Toad Hollow
  • Turtles:  Chocalatier Chocolate Turtle Wine, Tortoise Creek
  • Fish: Blue Fish, Fish Eye, Blue Fin, D’Arenburg The Broken Fishplate, Clown Fish, Madfish


  • Crabs: D’Arenberg Hermit Crab
  • Spiders: D’Arenberg Money Spider
  • Oysters: The Dog and Oyster, Oyster Bay

On a Monday for Tuesday

For a Tuesday edition of Monday Morning Entertainment, I hope everyone had a safe weekend. Did you take some time to reflect and remember military veterans?

The three-day holiday weekend in Cincinnati has been hot and muggy. Nonetheless, our weekend included a variety of events, along with some relaxation to stay cool. Here’s our weekend through images (unfortunately they were done quickly). How was yours?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you ever tried solving a Rubik’s cube? Is it a challenge or a frustration? To all puzzle solvers, this quick entertainment will get your attention. Have a good week.

On Memorial Day 2012

In the U.S., Memorial Day marks society’s start of summer. Interestingly, when I started school back in the day when we walked to school uphill both ways, Labor Day and Memorial Day served as bookends to the school year.

Initially known as Decoration Day, a day to honor the fallen Union soldiers from the Civil War, it eventually became a day to remember all American soldiers who died in any conflict.

I grew up in a small town during following World War II. With that war fresh in the minds of the adults, their memories were fresh and close to the heart. Many of these veterans are no longer with us, and those that remain are in their upper 80s and 90s. My dad served in Europe as an 18-year old whom left high school – and he passed away two years ago at 84.

From rural small towns to the urban neighborhoods, the impact on many aspects of daily life by America’s Greatest Generation is great. As we saw these soldiers as heroes who remained humble, our veterans serving in Vietnam never received the honor and respect they deserved. Perhaps that is the reason today’s troops are more appreciated.

The video is honors all serving in WW II, but this day is for all who died while serving in any conflict. Being that blogs are international in scope, I also know the Americans were not the only ones fighting. While Memorial Day is a U.S. holiday, may today also be a day to remember anyone who fought in any war any where.