On Satire News Bits: Vol. 15

Because last week I did not provide a mid-week dose of satire, at least it’s back – but this time with a twist!

In the following earlier post, I used the archives at The Onion to provide a list of headlines about one topic – Congress. Meanwhile, I also asked for suggestions, and Alisha at Abtwixt came through with dogs. So I did my due diligence and below are past headlines from The Onion regarding our canine friends.

Which is your favorite? Any suggestions on a future theme? Enjoy… and thanks Alisha!

Area Dog Will Never Live Up to Dog on Purina Bag

Family Dog Suspected Cause of Miniature Chuck-Wagon Disaster (For those who don’t remember this commercial)

New Bipartisan Law would Make Dog Neckerchiefs Mandatory

Stumbling, Bumbling Sled Dog: “Sorry, This is My First Iditarod”

New Dog Sick of Being Compared to Old One

Dog Doesn’t Realize He Just Graduated

Puppy Love Leads to Human Baby

Chinese Crested Dog’s Beautifully Descended Testicles Bring Divided Nation Together

Nation’s Dog Owners Demand to Know Who’s a Good Boy

Seeing-Eye Dog Blows Off Steam in Dog Park

Dog and Dog Owner Emerge from Bathroom

Restaurant Fires Pizza-Delivery Dog

Dog Finds Absolutely Perfect Place to Shit