Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 138

On Politics
Newt Gingrich, the self-proclaimed presumptive Republican nominee, has suspended his quest with his campaign in debt. Now there’s a bold idea.

President Obama has the right his chest regarding the decision and success regarding the attack on Osama bin Laden. Stating the Mitt Romney would not have made that decision is a stretch. Meanwhile, Gov. Romney taking a cheap shot at former President Carter was unnecessary. As the Republicans complain about the politicization of the issue, too bad the GOP chose not to say, “Congratulations Mr. President. Now let’s talk about the economy.”

Will Cain is a conservative commentator that makes enough sense to at least make me think.

A tip of the cap to these interesting reads by bloggers who visit here: See his post and see her post.

On Headlines from The Onion
Wind Farm Cause Local Warming
New Toyota SUV Holds Eight Passengers and Their SUVs
NASA Announces Plan to Put Man on Bus to Cleveland
Romney Courts Hispanic Vote with Animated Sombrero-Wearing Parrot
VP Biden Unveils New Health Initiative to Make U.S. Women Hotter
Cocky Attempt to Operate ATM in Spanish Backfires
New Visa Talking Credit Card Urges Buyers to Go For It

Interesting Reads
What is a Political Ad? (A 3-minute video interview by John Avlon with David Frum)
The Deep Job-Lose Hole in the US
Taxes and Employment by makes-sense economist Bruce Bartlett
Graphic comparing Gross Domestic Product of New York City to Selected Countries
Mosquito Control 
Mastering the Margarita
Bird Watching near the Argentina-Brazil Border (article and slideshow)

On Potpourri
My lawn is a bit soggy because Monday-Tuesday we had 3 inches of rain!

This week I got to sit in the premier box at a short concert of the combined Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra. Nice seat, but not the acoustics were so-so.

See this interactive source map for materials in a computer.

We have only one more time of playing handbells at church before breaking for the summer, which also means one more rehearsal. Meanwhile, golf leagues have started for both my wife and I.

I have a classic cartoon post planned for tomorrow. Hint: It’s a Looney Tunes character.

We started the week with babies to the music Tunak Tunak Tun; so let’s end the week with this high school students enjoying themselves to the same music. Have a good weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.