On a Close Look

Another weekend is in the books. How was yours?

Cincinnati weather has been July-mode muggy, but also soggy. My yard is so wet and the grass is so high, by the time it dries out I will need a combine to cut and bail!

Nonetheless, we had a good weekend. Besides our normal Friday night ballroom, it was Flying Pig Marathon weekend, which means a lot of activity downtown. No – we aren’t runners, but we walked 4-5 miles along the riverfront parks Saturday, enjoyed a late lunch at a unique restaurant, and played pool Saturday night. We haven’t played in a while – yep –  my wife won the first two games. My form was coming back in game 3 until I scratched on the 8-ball. Ouch! Since I won game 4, my wife decided to retire as champion for the night.

Alright – for your Monday Morning Entertainment, here’s a short look at the incredible small world. Enjoy – but more importantly, have a good week.

30 thoughts on “On a Close Look

  1. Hi,
    Sounds like your wife done a good job at the pool table, good on her. 🙂

    Isn’t it amazing what different things look like under a microscope, I thought the video was done really well, and they put some nice music to it as well. I was amazed at the split ends of a human hair, and also the tongue that was unreal, but the tooth plaque well I think I may have to brush my teeth again after seeing that one. 🙂


  2. Up here in Alaska, we still have snow on the ground, and across the mountains. We won’t see daytime temperatures above 50 for another week, but that doesn’t stop ups from breaking out the flip flops and shorts!


  3. We walked more than usual this weekend, still I am tired… But it was a nice weekend. The weather was so nice too. Congratulations for your wife. Seems she is very good. I can’t believe to watch this video… what a big and great world we carry with us… 🙂 Thank you, dear Frank, I can smell the newly cut grasses… 🙂 Have a nice day, with my love, nia


    • Nia,
      We enjoy long walks … especially when we travel into the city or to a different neighborhood. Following the walk with a nice lunch makes for a good day. As for the pool, my wife played well – but next time will be different! As a photographer, I thought you would appreciate the images in the video. Thanks for visiting and I hope I can cut some of the grass today!


  4. Using the Hubble telescope to peer out into the universe, mankind hopes to learn about the creation. Your video suggests that the microscope might be making it clear that the creation is going on in the opposite direction.


    • Tim,
      As Hubble continues to provide views and details about ongoing creation, the microscopic world also provides glorious wonders – but about small details about what has been created. Thanks for commenting.


  5. i have an expensive pool table, about $7,000. a close friend talked me into buying it. we played about ten times, and she might have won one game. since then, she’s never been willing to play again. ho hum. now it just collects dust unless i play 9-ball by myself to stay in practice.


    • Guapo,
      Good question … and maybe worth a whole post. It goes back to Cincinnati’s time during westward expansion as a meat-packing center. Fast forward to establishing Bi-Centennial Park along the river, having four winged pigs high on a pole at the entrance created quite the stir. Eventually, the city embraced it, so when organizers established a marathon (first run in 1999), the pigs reappeared as the name – Flying Pig Marathon. See this link for some pics of the pigs at Bi-Centennial Park at Sawyer Point. Thanks for visiting and asking.


  6. Do you take ADD drugs? Dancing Friday. Walking Saturday. Burning the candle late playing pool. I would have slept all day Saturday just from what happened Friday night. Go for it. Envy from my direction. My roommate in college could get by on 6 hours of sleep, I needed 9. Not fair I say.


    • Randel,
      LOL … although it is interesting how each of us can operate on different amounts of rest. Nonetheless, no drugs at this end to keep me going. Thanks for commenting.


  7. This was pretty amazing, Frank. I particularly enjoyed watching the video because of how I spent my weekend. My dad entered the hospital with pneumonia. He’s doing well, but I’ve been at the hospital pretty consistently and there is a lot of attention to his cardio-vascular and pulmonary systems…our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made…and when they don’t work so well, they still are. The ability to repair (even at 80 years old) is something quite amazing. You find wonderful videos to share! Debra


    • Debra,
      The human body is a marvel is numerous ways. I recall a friend who left an engineering technician job to become a surgical nurse. He initially struggled with biology … well, until he thought of it in an engineering sense – and then – wow – he took off as a student.

      Thanks for sharing that your dad is in the hospital. I hope his recovery continues. Thanks for sharing.


  8. I shared the video with my wife (who is a medical transcriptionist) but NOT with my grown daughter (who would probably throw herself under a bus if she saw the “icky” things inside her).


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