On a Small World

Over the past few days we have examined the microscopic world – that small world of cells serving as the basic life form for all living things. It is interesting how our own cells from the liver, brain, bone, small intestines, and skin look nothing like each other, yet they have many similar parts while the cells themselves performing different, but specialized functions.

Whether the world of crystals, living things, or natural and man-made nonliving materials, we see that nature the beautiful designs of nature that inspires artists across the globe. Yet, all the designs and parts work together to make our planet go – the planet that is a mere speck in the universe. Considering the journey from small to large – oh how grand it is. Enjoy this video with more sights of our small world set to soothing music.

26 thoughts on “On a Small World

  1. Seriously cool Frank. I’ve often thought that if I had been able to see anything through a microscope (I couldn’t) I might have discovered my interest in science earlier.

    And then I saw the “Louse holding onto human hair” and thought “it’s best to leave well enough alone.”


    • Elyse,
      In school days, much about finding something a microscope is in the technique – and for some reason, teens have issues with guidance. Images here sure create a range of thoughts. Thanks for visiting.


    • Guapo,
      Electron microscopes have been around for many years, but images have been in black and white. I imagine the next step would have been to transpose the wavelengths into color (as with Hubble images). However, it seems color electron microscopy has developed in recent years. Thanks for visiting.


  2. Hi,
    Absolutely incredible, I loved the head of the mosquito and OMG how creepy was that head lice, it looked like something from another planet. 🙂
    But that tarantula, was just unreal.
    Loved the video.


  3. thanks. was color added to provide contrast? also, at 15 to 21 seconds in, “is” should be “are.” i know you didn’t make it, just an FYI. i didn’t like the way the louse was looking at me. like an alien creature had caught me watching him. also, i now hate mosquitoes even more. the razor blades and hairs looked like a construction site.


  4. Wow. I’m loving these recent videos you’re posting Frank. Great great stuff. This world we live in is even more amazing that what can be seen with the naked eye. Beautiful stuff. Even the “Louse clinging to the human hair” looks monstrously cute.


    • Les,
      That’s basically the subject of powers of ten videos if you have ever seen them. I keep thinking how Sagan describes Earth as a mere speck in the universe – yet I’m a mere speck on the planet – let alone vooming to the cells, to the molecules, to the atoms, and beyond. In other words, the journey from the smallest to the largest blows me away. Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I too, was interested in the colours. It’s just a fabulous world isn’t it? When I look at these images I think about all the people who missed out on them because the technology wasn’t invented before they died. That leads me to wonder what we’re missing out on.


    • Cuttlefish,
      Well put. I still recall a my dad visiting us sometime in the 80s. I was driving and he suddenly said, “It going to be some world in 50 years.” … I imagine he was reflecting what he saw over his live. Thanks for visiting and sharing.


  6. This is what an amazing world… What a beautiful world, Louis Armstrong was telling this… Fascinating me… and standing unbelievable too… I look at my desk and there are so many things but to know that I can’t see them as how they are, makes me excited… I can’t imagine if we were able to see them all!!!! What a big mess it would have been in visuality! This is another hit point to fascinate me… Life seems that were balanced or were arranged in harmony for us… I think I went deeply again… but there are so many things to talk about this. Thank you dear Frank, with my love, nia


    • Nia,
      Wonderful comment. Especially this part: ” … to know that I can’t see them as how they are, makes me excited.” Yes, life seems to be arranged in much harmony for us – well, except when we don’t seem to understand that, thus mess it up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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