On Fractalicious

This week’s posts have been a diversion from my routine while focusing on small things – and as we know, the microscopic world is detailed and fascinating.

Fractals are a geometry concept. In simple terms, a fractal is a shape within an object that takes the shape of the entire object. A piece of a rock from a mountain that looks like the entire mountain; a part of a tree branch that when magnified looking like the entire tree; or in section of a coastline that looks similar to the entire coast. Yes, fractals are about shapes.

The mathematics for fractals goes back into the 1800s, but Benoît Mandelbrot paper about the coast of Great Britain in the 1960s brought fractals into modern light. Today, artists use fractals and fractal-like patterns in art create fractal art by using mathematical algorithms to created objects, images, animations, and other visual representations most commonly through fractal software.

Once you see this fascinating video, it will not take long to see how fractals fit into this week’s theme. Enjoy the images.