On Mother’s Day

With this being Mother’s Day weekend, a quick change in plans on today’s post, thus a quick introduction about my mother.

My mother passed away in 1987 one month shy of turning 59 – much too young, but cancer can do that – and to think that I’m now 59. Because this post is short and spontaneous, here’s something about her today. Besides, I recently converted slides into digital files.

Mom was an Italian citizen, and we came to the US together when I was 2’2’’ at the ripe old age of three months. She grew up in the shadows of WW I, Mussolini’s Fascist rule, and Nazi occupation. She met my dad in the early 1950s while he served in Italy after his re-enlistment.

My grandfather worked in a factory to support my grandmother and four kids: my mother, her two sisters, and a crippled brother. They had to be poor as I can remember staying at their small, third floor apartment with its  cobblestone floor and the kitchen as its heat source.

I never asked why she never became a U.S. citizen, but I think she dealing with reading a test and dealing in her adopted language scared her because her skills  lie in her hands as she loved to cook and sew – much like my grandmother – her work ethic, and her gentle, kind nature was the personality that people loved.

Here’s my mom at age 35 and her Tuscan hometown in the background. Interestingly, I think that’s the factory where my grandfather worked.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

50 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day

  1. It is a very special experience, remembering our parents when they were younger than we are now… looking at the pictures, and understanding a little better, the challenges they had to face, and what life was like for them. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful look at your mother.




  3. I wonder which month in 1987 she passed? My 1987 Cavalier has always had a wonderful, loving disposition. Perhaps the Buddhists have something with that whole reincarnation thing? 😉
    Well done, my friend. I’ll add your mother to my thoughts as I mark the second Mother’s Day without my own mother. And best wishes to “The Right Angle”!


    • John,
      I would have never imagined the synchronization between my mother and your Cavalier. But stranger things have happened in life! She passed away in late August 1987. Blessings to the memories of your mother! Thanks for sharing.


  4. What a really lovely post, Frank. Fifty-nine is indeed altogether too young. I love the way you have shared her with us. Isn’t that just amazing in some ways. She’s been gone for a long time, but in a way she really isn’t because you have lovingly shared some things about her that bring her into sharper focus once again. I am so glad that you gave into the spontaneous post! Very moving to read a loving tribute! Debra


    • Debra,
      I think recently getting some digital files of old pics sparked the idea. Being that I could use other photos in the future, I thought this was a good time to introduce her. Meanwhile, I know you are dealing with some health issues of a parent, blessings to you … and thanks for finding the time to visit and comment.


  5. I was completely enthralled to say the least! She was beautiful and strong and a fine lady! Thanks so much~ I’ve a soft spot for mothers especially sons that remember 1with such sentiments! Thanks Frank, Sincerely Deborah


    • Deborah,
      Thanks for your kind words. I haven’t written much here about my mother, so with the recent batch of digitized old photos, I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce her. Thanks for visiting.


  6. Your story about your mom is lovely, Frank. What a courageous woman. I am always amazed at what women, especially, will do to make a better life for their children. You were blessed to have such a mother. ET


    • E-Tom,
      My mom lived most of her adult life away from her family … which means she didn’t attend the funerals for each of her parents, a brother, and 2 brother-in-laws. Yep – that’s a lot to sacrifice. Thanks for visiting.


  7. I’m really late here (sorry, still catching up) but wanted to pop in and tell you what a lovely post this is Frank. Thank you for sharing a bit of your mother with us, I’m sure she was an incredible lady. *hugs*


  8. Frank, the memories of our mother’s only grow richer with time don’t they. What they meant to us just seems to grow and grow in our hearts.She must have been a wonderful mother, and strong. ( PS etomczyk told me to tell you she sent me here, just so you know)


    • Lori-Ann,
      Welcome first-time commenter … and a friend of E-Tom’s is a friend of mine! She’s a good one!!!

      Besides the story around her funeral, I haven’t really said much about my mother. Given that I recently digitized some photos, Mother’s Day gave me a chance to introduce her here of sorts … which also means some other photos will appear in the future. Interestingly, this August will mark 25 years since her passing. Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by and I hope you return. I have a pattern, but for the most part, topics here are all over the map.


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