On a Rotting Monday

I kept busy this weekend. How was yours?

Much of the weekend focused around my sister-in-law’s visit; however, we were able to dance Friday night. The final handbell ring of the our season went well on Sunday, plus I enjoyed watching the TPC golf tournament on Sunday.

Meanwhile, another week is upon us, so let’s start it with some time lapse video – but no sky, clouds, or stars this time – just tomatoes (Thank you Time Lapse Guys). Enjoy and have a good week.

29 thoughts on “On a Rotting Monday

    • Lame,
      Ah ha … your doc is limiting your acid intake, which has to be tough with the foods you enjoy the most. As for this video being helpful for you, I’m glad to be of service to you. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hey, if you’re gonna post rotten tomatoes, you could at least post a movie review. (Get it? 😀 )
    Yeah, that’s about as topical as the humour gets.


  2. As I was watching the video I thought that it might be interesting to watch a time-lapse of a person shrivel over a lifetime (but not die). Just as i had this thought they reversed the video and re-plumped the tomatoes.


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