On 59

Why a tribute to 59? Well, sometime in February I turned 59, so that’s a good enough reason for me. For tributes to other numbers, see Category > Numbers in the sidebar or click here.  Meanwhile, here’s more about fifty nine than you ever wanted to know.

In Language

Fifty nine is the same as padesát devět, vijftig negen, cinquante neuf, cinquanta nove, femtio nio, LIX, and more.

In Mathematics

  • Fifty-nine is the 17th smallest prime number and an Eisenstein prime
  • Since 15! + 1 is divisible by 59 but 59 is not one more than a multiple of 15, 59 is a Pillai prime (who would have guessed this)
  • Divisible by 1 and 59
  • Square root equals 7.68114574786861, but 59 squared is 3,481

In Science

  • The atomic number of praseodymium, whose neutrally charged atom contains 59 protons and 59 electrons
  • Messier object M59, a magnitude 11.5 galaxy in the constellation Virgo
  • 59 Sagittarii is a giant bright star in the constellation Sagittarius
  • The New General Catalogue object NGC 59, a magnitude 12.4 spiral galaxy in the constellation Cetus
  • The Saros 59 for solar eclipse series lasted 1280.1 years (from June 1031 BC to July 249 AD) and contained 72 solar eclipses
  • The Saros 39 for lunar eclipse series lasted 1298.1 years (from March 729 BC to May 569 AD) and contained 73 lunar eclipses
  • 59 degrees C = 138 degrees F; but 59 degrees F = 15 degrees C

In Entertainment

  • Beethoven’s Opus 59 consists of the three so-called Razumovsky Quartets
  • 59, an album by Puffy AmiYumi
  • The 1960s song The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) was popularized by Simon & Garfunkel and Harpers Bizarre
  • The 59 Sound, an album by The Gaslight Anthem, includes thia song of the same name
  • 59 by the 1990s
  • 59 is a song by djTAKA from beatmania IIDX 2nd Style and Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX
  •  59th Emmy Awards (2007) with ABC getting the most nominations
  •  59th Academy Awards (1987) with winners including Platoon, Paul Newman, and Marlee Matlin

In Sports

  • No retired 59s in the professional football, basketball, baseball, and hockey
  • Car 59 has only raced in 18 NASCAR races – never winning, never finishing in the top 10, and only finishing the race 4 times
  • Satchel Paige became the oldest major league baseball player at age 59
  • 59 is a the lowest golf score in a single round on the PGA Tour, achieved by Al Geiberger, Chip Beck, David Duval, Paul Goydos, andStuart Appleby and on the LPGA Tour by Annika Sörenstam

In Geography

  • The designation of Interstate 59, a freeway that runs from Louisiana to Georgia
  • The designation of US-59, a highway between Minnesota and Texas
  • The Queensboro Bridge in New York City is also known as the 59th Street Bridge (Feelin’ Groovy)
  • Central Park South is on 59th Street in New York City
  • 59th Street Manhattan
  • 59th Street Manhattan forms the border between Midtown Manhattan and Uptown Manhattan. It bisects Columbus Circle and forms the southern boundary of Central Park between Fifth Avenue and Central Park West, plus it has this subway stop.
  • 59th Parallel South does not intersect any land
  • 59th Meridian East is also known as the Herman Cain Meridian because it goes through Uzibeki-beki-beki-bekistan

In Travel

In Business

  • 59 Diner in Houston
  • Art of 59 – Handcrafted pedals from Luxemburg
  • Marina 59 Boatel is a fleet of abandoned boats renovated by artists in Rockaway, NY
  • Art Room 59, a gallery and gift shop in Fife, UK
  • 59Fifty is a line of New Era hats
  • 59 Productions (a media production company in the UK)
  • Five Nine, an amateur radio magazine published in Japan

In 59 AD

  • Started on Monday
  • Nero (aka Mr. Nice Guy) ordered his mother, Agrippina the Younger, killed. Since she survived the planned shipwreck, Nero ordered her executed and then ruled her death as suicide

In 59 BC

  • Caesar makes the Acta Diurna (Daily News) the world’s first public daily newspaper, which contains details of official decrees and appointments; births, deaths, and marriages. Even sport results—the outcome of the gladiatorial contests and chariot races at the capital – but no odds on upcoming gladiator matches by Jimmy the Greek
  • Caesar marries Calpurnia in Rome
  • Modern Florence, founded.
  • Pharaoh Ptolemy XIV of Egypt born
  • Prince He of Changyi, former Emperor of the Han Dynasty of China, died


  • The last minute in a given hour, and the last second in a given minute
  • Approximately the number of days in two lunar months
  • The number on a button commonly worn by feminist activists in the 1970s; this was based on the claim that a woman earned 59 cents to an equally qualified man’s dollar
  • In amateur radio, a perfect voice signal report
  • Art Project 59’s ’59 Seconds Video Festival'[2] at 59 Franklin Street, showed 59 videos to 59 different audiences, each 59 seconds long and incorporating the number 59
  • The number of the French department Nord
  • John Swartzwelder wrote “59” episodes of The Simpsons cartoon series
  • The TI-59 was a programmable calculator
  • Television channel 59 broadcast from Indianapolis, IN and Ghent, WV.
  • The 59th Congress served in 1905-1907 during the fifth and sixth years of the Theodore Roosevelt administration

52 thoughts on “On 59

  1. Thanks, Frank. A very merry un-birthday to you! Love the song, especially.

    I just noticed you were born in Trieste. That was the first city I visited in Italy when we were visiting friend staying there. Lovely place. Although you’d be hard-pressed to find anyplace in Italy that isn’t wonderful!


  2. Hi,
    Loved all the info on 59, just amazing. 😀
    Had to laugh at this one:
    “Since 15! + 1 is divisible by 59 but 59 is not one more than a multiple of 15, 59 is a Pillai prime (who would have guessed this)”
    Who would of guessed indeed, not me I don’t even understand it. 😆

    Loved the song, brilliant. 😀


  3. Whoa! Great idea and tribute to 59. Happy belated birthday!
    (Did you pitch this to Sesame Street for an episode….I can just see Cookie Monster and the Count doing parts…)
    Seriously what a collection.
    Oh, the 59 Diner near us closed.
    Highway 59 goes out of Houston past Cleveland and Kingwood, on to Lufkin and Nacogdoches on up towards Arkansas…it goes south-ish of Houston towards Mexico. Busy road.
    Interesting post


    • Mouse,
      Oh no … say it ain’t so … 59 Diner is closed?!?!?!? All locations? Sesame Street pitch is a hoot of an idea. And knowing the highway 59 is the road to Nacogdoches is the basis for a great song. Too bad I’m not a song writer. Someone needs to get this idea to Willy Nelson! Thanks for my un-birthday greeting and for commenting.


  4. Happy 59th birthday. I watched those Academy Awards and was so thrilled for Paul Newman who had been nominated SOOOOO many times before. Such a shame he chose not to attend. That would have been such a great moment for him. xx


  5. Impressive! This post took a little work, but you’ve submitted some rather fascinating facts! Love the 59th Street Bridge Song…and you figured out that 59 A.D. started on a Monday? Now there’s a quirky fact 🙂 Debra


  6. Oh My this is a winkipedia on 59..amazing facts loved them
    hey if you were in Uzibeki-beki-beki-bekistan it would be a great celebration 🙂
    I am 3 months too late but In my defense i am a sloth i have a reputation to maintain
    Happy birthday 🙂


    • Soma the Sloth,
      Now that has an interesting ring! 🙂 As another commenter called it, this is my un-birthday. I’ve never done a birthday greeting to myself on my birthday, but I might next year. Oh no, according to this report, in some parts of Uzbekistan I can’t celebrate my birthday! Oh well … there goes a future birthday trip. Thanks for commenting.


  7. WOW! This is so beautiful post… I really enjoyed reading them. And also I am going to print this page, you did great job. I loved it so much. By the way I supposed that you are younger than me 🙂 Thank you, with my love, nia


  8. I was starting to get especially impressed, thinking that you had made 59 bullet points about 59…. but, alas, you made 61 😛 Better luck next year! What a great megadose of trivia!


    • Guapo,
      Many thanks for my un-birthday greeting. Your beloved Big Apple made the list a few times! Meanwhile, with next year being a milestone, maybe I will post it on my actual birthday. Maybe I should limit it to 60 facts about 60. Oh well … time will tell. Thanks for commenting.


    • Colline,
      LOL … thanks … and checking the archives will show that I have dedicated various other numbers – and the next one already is in the research stage. Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for visiting.


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