Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 142

On Politics
For those wondering why Mitt Romney continues to appear with egotistical-blowhard Donald Trump, here’s the reason – campaign money.

Speaking of Mr. Trump, he has boastingly proclaimed that he would be the best choice for vice president. Now that’s funny, but it won’t happen – well, unless Mr. Romney wants to accept defeat.

I respect columnist George Will, but this attempt to compare the amount Procter and Gamble spends in product advertising to the campaign spending is another prime example of comparing irrelevant facts in their attempt to make a point – especially when it comes to the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United ruling. Well, unless Mr. Will can convince me of the connection between household products and the freedom of voters. (My past post on this topic)

On Headlines from The Onion
Man at Gym Just Watching TV
Gravedigger Did Quick Once-Over to make sure Everyone Buried before Locking Cemetery
Bed Bug Feels Bad for Area Man, but a Bed Bug’s Got to Eat
Needy Mom Calling with Birthday Wishes
Nabisco Tentatively Adds Hummus to List of Approved Ritz Toppings
Area Man Winded after Lengthy Wendy’s Order
NASA Shuttle Bus Delayed

Interesting Reads
The Challenge of Cosmic Mysteries
Obama Administration Spending
A video poem by Nia to music
Graphic Comparing Two Big-Name Companies
Republican Keynesians by a Republican Economist
The Human Brain and Time

On Potpourri
Do you want more hits on your blog? Thanks to Elyse, here are ways to attract Homeland Security to your blog.

May ends as my second best month ever – but well behind the top month (about 20%).

Cheers to Nia, a visitor here, for this poem supported by appropriate music.

NBC’s cancellation of Harry’s Law shows that decisions are based on advertiser desires, not ratings. For those that don’t know, cancelled the show because it did not appeal to advertiser’s desire targeting 18-49.

A cartoon post will go up for your Saturday morning.

To send you into the weekend, enjoy the beautiful images to the sounds of Loreena McKennitt. Have a safe weekend everyone. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

38 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 142

  1. Sadly, there is apparently a decent segment of the population that Trump appeals to.
    Going to go with the Gravedigger headline – it appeals to my sense of humor.
    And great tune, Frank, with beautiful images! My girl is a fan of McKennitt


    • Guapo,
      Trump does appeal to a segment … maybe a small segment, but a segment … and if he raise money for a candidate, the candidate will accept the circus that goes with it. All in all, a sad commentary. Cheers to providing a song for your girl! … and the gravedigger headline is a hoot! Thanks for visiting.


  2. I happen to think we are living in an age when the Supreme Court will go down in history as one of the lamest. Citizens United is stupid. Dollars can buy politicians directly or indirectly, quid pro quo, or not. That corporations are people is absurd. I saw a great bumper sticker on this one:

    “You know corporations are persons when Texas executes one of them!”

    Still waiting….


    • Spiced,
      Donald is an interesting character and does appeal to a segment of the population. On the other hand, his disapproval rating is through the roof … and his hair does seem to be getting worse. Thanks for visiting.


    • Fasab,
      NBC cancelling Harry’s Law is one thing, but to come out and say that it wasn’t about viewership, but about demographics with advertisers is another matter. If they want a show for 18-49, then make a show for that group. It’s not that hard! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I am upset to hear about Harry’s Law – it is one of the better shows on TV!
    Beautiful music Frank – enjoyed listening to it, thank you for introducing me to her.


    • Colline,
      Ah ha … a new Lorena McKinnett fan in the making! We enjoy Harry’s Law … Harry has great lines! Plus we enjoy the Cincinnati setting. Outside of the images, the show doesn’t feature the city, but living here still makes it a bit more personal. Plus, Cassie went to U of Cincinnati’s College of Conservatory of Music. Oh well … maybe another network will pick it up. Thanks for commenting.


  4. Excellent post, you never disappoint on Fridays! You rightly call out George Will on his attempt to intellectualize/confuse/bamboozle with his views on the amount spent on product advertising vs. campaign spending. However, looking back at your previous post on the Supreme Court’s disastrous “Citizens United” ruling, I continue to be baffled by your surprise/disappointment that “the Super PAC ads turned out to promote an ideology – not to inform citizens, and that these organizations will distort information, use quotes out of context, and probably even lie to misinform the public to guide citizens to the PACs preferred political position.”???


    • Tim,
      Mr. Will’s misuse of the comparison is similar to those I mentioned in the linked post. In terms of your baffled state of my comment regarding Super PACS, what is so baffling? Thanks for commenting.


  5. Loreena McKennitt has been my favorite artist since I first heard “Mummer’s Dance” 11 or 12 years ago. I believe this is the first time I’ve run into another fan that I didn’t create myself! 😀 Also, your suggestion to get more blog hits from the DHS made me LOL. Great Shorts post!


  6. Trump as VP?! Holy cow! Trump would be a worse choice than Palin and that’s saying something!

    Gravedigger Did Quick Once-Over to make sure Everyone Buried before Locking Cemetery love that headline! probably because that’s something I would do. lol


    • Nancy,
      Yep – I heard the words myself of him proclaiming himself the best man for the job … oh my my. Love your take on the gravedigger headline. Thanks for commenting.


  7. Oh, trust me, I have NO problem getting Homeland Security to check my comments. I need help in getting them to IGNORE me! 😉
    And maybe Trump could help Mitt with the spell-check for his apps, so we don’t end up living in “Amercia”. 😀


  8. Gee! Such brilliant people opining with rude, sarcastic and unkind comments~ why such yak? Yes it’s a free speech country but, unkindly remarks and sour pickle sucking faces simply doesn’t become any of us~ You’re very talented Frank in bringing together the comical snippets, satires etc, admirable ~ I am a bit stunned what would help you create some harmony too.


    • Debra,
      A respectful manner is my style as I carefully watch my words. If you are referring to my choice of adjectives for Donald Trump, I’m sorry that offended you. Meanwhile, I appreciate your visits, comments, honesty, and belief in my writing. Thanks for your sharing.


  9. Creationism article scary but not surprising. The Obama spending article reminds me of the demo they do every year with three accountants and taxes. ALWAYS three different numbers. So hard to get a good take on the info, isn’t it?
    Thanks Frank!


    • Les,
      No kidding on the spending. Of course each side gives us the information they want us to hear, and yes, it is confusing – besides, who has time to study it! Thanks for stopping by.


  10. Beautiful video and music. I am not familiar with Loreena McKinnett, but I will be now. Imagine putting some of those words in a post and being contacted by Homeland Security! I never even thought of our blogs being scanned for content! I’m kind of naive about things like that! Favorite from the Onion: Man at Gym Just Watching T.V. 🙂 Have a good weekend, Frank! Debra


  11. NOOOOOOO, SAY IT ISN’T SO: Harry’s Law has been cancelled? What? (Can you hear the nashing of teeth and the tearing of cloth by WW in the background?) That was one of our favorite shows. Who can I go and smack the “you know what” out of about this? I am so ticked and inconsolable right now.

    …or so I thought! I just finished listening to and singing along with Loreena McKennitt. You really know how to soothe the savage beast, my friend. Thank you for such glorious loveliness.


  12. Hi,
    “Man at Gym Just Watching TV”
    This is what guys do at the gym, they have to get their inspiration from somewhere.

    “Gravedigger Did Quick Once-Over to make sure Everyone Buried before Locking Cemetery”
    I think he did the right thing, the last thing we need is Zombies walking around at night.

    Loved the video. 😀


  13. Except for skin color and religion, I wonder what the difference really is between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama? Both Candidates are CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) puppets, and I’m sure if there’s a buck to be made, Donald Trump would sell out his Nation to the NWO elite as well. It seems today’s Politicians are all gung-ho to erase our borders. Sure, they will claim they’ll honor the Constitution, but the passing of NDAA tells me they are all liars. Romney didn’t (because he wasn’t in a position to) vote for NDAA, but he did say he would back it (for our protection). I think the people are beginning to see through the fear tactics used in DC to strip us of our rights. The only Candidate running that isn’t trying to destroy the America that bloomed into a powerhouse for its first 200 years, is Ron Paul. Of course, he will never win because he would indeed honor his vows to uphold our Constitution, and would further take steps to help us reclaim our rights, and restore our Nation’s Sovereignty. Ron Paul would bring the establishment to their knees. I suspect a good number of people aren’t even aware that Dr. Paul is still on the Presidential ticket. I think he will have gathered enough delegates to be heard in Tampa this summer. I only pray that the people will take the time to listen to what he has to say. As it stands, I doubt the majority of American citizens realize what we stand to lose if we were to lose our borders to the NAU (North American Union), which we are on the verge of doing. My heart breaks for our future generations. We are leaving them a real mess to clean up. And I assure you, both Obama and/or Romney will only make it worse. We need Ron Paul in the White House, if we want to make a real difference in America’s future.


    • Orples,
      Mr. Paul is still running like the rest of the candidates are because rather than leave the race, they suspend their campaign. The Romney people will give Ron Paul a speaking slot to keep his voters happy. Other than that, his 2012 campaign ends likes his previous attempts. Could his son pick up the mantle? Maybe, but he is not as good of a speaker has his dad. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Thanks for sharing Penelope’s Song, Frank. I’m adding it to the links I save for when I’m stressed or needing something uplifting. The ONLY way to view it is full-screen.

    From the sublime to the ridiculous, why is Nabisco so tentative, hummmmm?


    • John,
      Due to your comment, I had to return to view the video again. Thanks!

      Regarding Nabisco, I think it is in their corporate nature to proceed with caution. Thanks for commenting.


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