On Using a Gift

Sometimes we find those good stories that have much to say. No tears – but one filled with pride and joy. I saw this on the CBS Evening News last week. Enjoy.

Note: If the video below is unavailable, click here.

52 thoughts on “On Using a Gift

  1. I kept looking at the screen for quite sometime even after the video was over..
    It was heartwarming to see he got that chance to pusue his passion,
    its uplifting to see others will have chance cos he took that step
    its comforting to see how he taught the students not just the subject but what being human is all about…
    what a great news..can’t thank you enough for this share…i am so glad i came back.


    • Soma,
      There are many good stories here – the teacher, the students, the hiring administrator – yes, all about “what being human is all about.” Well said, and thanks for returning.


  2. I love success stories such as this. It seems everyone wins. Certainly the students who have enjoyed a respected teacher will carry his/her lessons throughout their lives … in this case, I would think the most valuable lesson is that being handicapped does not necessarily mean being disabled.


  3. It’s great to hear of someone with a “disability” still being able to do what they want. I have to admit, I had a great Social Studies teacher (with no disabilities) who rarely used ANYTHING other than his own story telling skills and a few maps and posters. Well, those, and me teaching the section about the German attack on Soviet Russia. That’s me, the walking, talking teaching aid! πŸ˜€


  4. The story carries every element~ its heartbreaking and courageous ~tho’ CBS isn’t a choice channel. poignant indeed! Deb


  5. Thanks for the link (what is it with restricting playback like so). Always nice to hear students saying good things about their teachers.


    • Kanerva,
      Great question about the restriction. Who knows … I usually post at night, so think how surprised I was to see all the “can’t watch” comments … thus why I now have the link directly to CBS above the video. Nonetheless, the students did impress me too! Thanks for visiting.


  6. I have a sister who is completely deaf….she hears nothing. She attended a regular school, speaks so well and lip reads so well that most people are unaware that she is deaf. She has just passed her honours at university and was chosen as the best student of the year….at 63. She has worked all her life, many employers thought she was wonderful because she was never distracted by office gossip. She married a deaf man and has 2 hearing children and is a wonderful inspiration for me.


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