On Satire Bits: Vol. 19

My golf game seems to be finding the groove after essentially a two-year layoff. It doesn’t mean that struggles are no more, but I am starting to find some rhythm and consistency – which is good.

Time for the mid-week boost with some satirical headlines from The Onion. After all, a dose of humor is always good. Which of these strikes your funny bone? Have a good rest of the week!

Last Date Caused by Man Taking a Big of Q-Tips from Date’s Bathroom

Real-Life Stranger on Train Less Interesting than Hitchcock Version

Empty Bottle of Snapple Finally Rolls Out Bus Door

Investigators Blame Stupidity for Area Death

Player Tells Report He is Unhappy Playing in the Milky Way

Fun Banned because of Genetic Link between Stupid Parents and Stupid Kids

Vatican Gives Popular Jesus Character a Whole New Look

Police Officer Hooks Thumbs into Belt

Human Civilization Brings Out Worst in Area Man

New Girlfriend Tests Poorly with Peer Focus Group

Local Idiot to Post Comment on Internet

Guy with Lots of Things Wrong with Him Shows Up Enthusiastically Greeting Everyone at High School Reunion