On a Ninja Monday

Breaking News! This latest story interrupts my typical Monday Morning Entertainment.

Some of the readers here know Zannyro (aka Suzanne) at A Window Into the Woods. Two of her recent posts (post 1 and post 2) indicate that she has  met the enemy and declared war … and the enemy is a ninja squirrel.

Early reports from northern Indiana indicate that Zannyro has been acting a bit bizarre of late and has made atypical purchases at a variety of local stores ranging from Home Depot, Feed and Seed Emporium, and a Military Surplus R Us.

Despite her possible instability, she doesn’t realize the dark side – the dark side of the ninja squirrel and its capabilities.

Although this picture identifies Zannyro’s target, to better understand its capabilities, see for yourself.

News Update: An exclusive report from inside the squirrel camp to be released between 8-9 pm (Eastern US) tonight.

53 thoughts on “On a Ninja Monday


    I am now rethinking my strategy……..This is a little more than I was expecting….
    Back to the Military surplus store….They may sell tranquilizer guns…..I’m planning to use it on myself…..THIS IS SCARY!!!!


  2. Hi,
    Yes I visit zannyro’s site, so I know the story well. 🙂
    That video is just amazing, really fantastic, I wonder how long it took them to train the squirrel to do that, especially jumping onto the right target, I am very impressed. 😀


  3. Oh dear Frank, yes, I know dear Suzanne, she is the angel of this amazing world, and I love her squirrels… But in these days, she makes me worry… Squirrels are amazing… Thank you, have a nice new week, love, nia


  4. I’m pretty sure zannyro is doomed. But her sacrifice will not be in vain whilst we learn to protect ourselves for this new menace that she so valiantly gave herself to for our sakes.
    Godspeed, zannyro, and I crack open this seed in your honor.


  5. Frank! Will I sound like Mr. Grumpy if I say I hate squirrels. They are rats with fancy tails. They are eating the plastic covers off my outdoor electrical for my bar. I don’t like killing things but they are making me rethink my slingshot.


    • Les,
      No question … they can be very destructive! Eating plastic electrical covers surely doesn’t seem nutritious. So it begs the question and answer …. Why? Because they can. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the repairs.


    • Ryan,
      Oh my my … now this opens up many possibilities – squirrel soup, squirrel stew, squirrel BBQ, squirrel creole, etc … Endless opportunities, so thanks for the thought!


  6. Poor Zannyro! She was recently attacked by a rogue truck, too. Not to mention being rear-ended at a traffic light by a different vehicle. It hasn’t been a good week for her. The ninja squirrel attacking the house was just the start of it. She is now living in fear – and on chocolate.


    • Lady M,
      Good points – yet, as we know, chocolate takes her into another world. But my mind is going blank of the name of one of my favorite chocolatiers! Thanks for catching up on the ninja squirrel madness.


  7. OH…MY….Frank…..I had no idea you had stirred up such interest, alarm, curiosity,concern, and admiration for your reporting abilities……My hat is off to you 🙂 !!!


    • Zannyro,
      Well, not only did I dive into it here, see Categories > Religion and Science to not that I’ve ventured into the arena more than a few times. Thanks for the kind words.


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