On Satire Bits: Vol. 20

Given the escalating situation between Zannyro and the Ninja Squirrels, the first half of the week knock me for a loop. However, all seems calm on the flatlands of northeastern Indiana – well, as of this posting. There’s nothing like a bit of satire from The Onion to vault us toward the weekend. Yep – I search The Onion’s archives for past headlines about squirrels. Which is your favorite?

U.S. Renews Contract with Spotted Ground Squirrels through 2015

Group of Calm, Confident Squirrels Stroll through Central Park

Offbeat Squirrel in Park Garnering Cult Following

New TV Show: The Real Squirrels of Orange County

Road-Kill Squirrel Remembered as Frantic, Indecisive

Squirrel Admits Loving Nuts

Flying Squirrels Loves it Every Time

“Only in New York” Says Manhattanite Watching Squirrel

Squirrel Bests Ted Nugent …. (Not from The Onion, but my contribution)