On Secret Squirrel

Given I focused this past week on Zannyro’s adventures with ninja squirrel, Secret Squirrel is the obviously honoree for your Saturday Morning Cartoon Classic. I know, he is no-where near infamy as Rocky J Squirrel, thus he fits the week. I also believe that the characters in Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Hour signifies the beginning of the end of the Golden Age of Cartoons.

Created by Hanna-Barbera

Debuted on September 12, 1965 in The World of Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel prime-time special on NBC

Originally part of the Atom Ant/Secret Secret Hour

Broadcast until 1968

Served as a satire on James Bond and other popular spy characters of the time

Voiced by Mel Blanc

“Agent Triple Zero reporting for duty sir.”

26 original episodes

Assisted by Morocco Mole (who has a Peter Lorre type voice)

Yellow Pinkie is the most common enemy, but others include Masked Granny and Dr.  Dangit

Today, “secret squirrel” is slang for military projects, undercover police, and U.S. agents (CIA, FBI, ATF)